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How To Enlighten, Uplift, and Help Those Around You

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There is so much news going on right now, I can't begin to tell you all of it here. 
A prominent leader in the spiritual world is telling the world about my work on June 25. It is an exciting new time, and I've been working (and having a ball) creating a new website that can handle it and that offers online classes so that anyone on her email list, 150,000 of them all over world, can experience Divine Openings. 
Please forward this to someone you think will love it, and invite them to go to www.LolaJones.com. You'll find the new site the easiest way ever to share this remarkable new way of living with your friends and family. 
For now, thank you for joining our community. Visit the website often at www.LolaJones.com. It's a virtual world where you can enjoy articles, the Ask Lola column, downloadable audios, and many free gifts.  You can take a course that will blow your mind in its power to open you up and change your life.
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I designed my new website so that anyone who wants to tell someone about Divine Openings has only to say to a friend, "Go check out this awesome website. See if it appeals to you." Then your good deed is done!
The website does the rest. The information is there. The vibration is there. If they resonate with it, they'll take action. If not, then let them take their own path.
That's the hardest part isn't it? Letting people take their own path? Especially when it looks like to us that their path isn't working, and you are so happy, and you want them to be happy.
Well, The Divine gave us free will and it's not my job or yours to do anything but say what worked for us, be a great example of that, and love, love, love them! 
Our families are often the ones we want most to help, but find it to be the hardest. I found that rather than trying to teach, inspire,
or "help" them, that just loving them, listening, and being my Large Self worked wonders.

In other words, we need to be the message rather than saying it.
Who we are speaks so much louder than what we say.

Drop a hint here and there about what you're learning, and some will come on the same path with you. If they don't spark to what you sparked to, that's OK, let it go........ and love, love, love them.

Don't say things you know they will reject! That's setting up conflict.
Say less controversial things they can relate to and agree with.

Build bridges of things you have in common rather than challenging their reality.

If we can't love 'em and appreciate them as they are, that's OUR problem.

They feel the judgment. They know we think something's wrong with them.
That doesn't feel good, and it's the opposite of the unconditional love we want to be sending.
Now of course, getting up to love when you don't feel love is a process, so go easy on yourself till you're there.
Start with appreciation first. It's easier than love to generate, and it is exactly the same vibration as love.
The good news: When you do Divine Openings or some other spiritual path that actually works, all this becomes easy.
Better news: It's not for them, it's for you. It liberates YOU and makes your life Heaven on Earth. 
And also good news: People around you begin to transform very quickly when you genuinely do. With Divine Openings it often happens in two weeks. It will take no effort on your part. You don't have to say a word. If they don't change,  you'll love them anyway, or your life will bring you more people who are on your wavelength, so you'll be fulfilled that way.

You already know that your vibration affects the collective consciousness.
It happens not so much by what you do or say, as by who you are and how you vibrate -- by what is in your heart, mind, and body.

Are you vibrating love and freedom, security and bliss, for example?
By achieving your own liberation you will cause people around you
to rise in vibration, without "doing" or "saying" a thing. Doing and talking as a means of influence are highly overrated!

Your family is your most immediate "collective consciousness."
You'll see them affected first as you rise in consciousness. 

Next is your community and your co-workers.
Start at home and at work. When you appreciate the people around you, then you're really changing the world!
Mother Teresa was once asked how we could best transform the world.

Her answer? "Go home and love your family."

Maybe you're doing this, and others around you aren't loving their family.
Just keep doing what you do.  
Divine Openings helps people get to those high vibrations quite easily. All one has to do is commit, relax, and let go, and The Divine does the heavy lifting.

Then the enlightenment quite effortlessly spreads out in
concentric rings from you.

So go browse the new website. Enjoy, appreciate, get uplifted.
Tell your friends.

Here's the most recent email I received about the book, from a woman who has been doing Divine Openings almost a year. I think this was her second reading of it:
"I have so enjoyed doing the book.  I took it slowly, allowing each chapter to feed me.  I was skeptical about the ability of a book to have such a deeply felt blessing, but it was there, again and again.  I plan to re-read the book, and look forward to continued contact with you and the community you and Michael are building."  How exciting!  Love, Martha
Love to you,

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