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How to Dive In with Non-Habitual Movement!

If you've been to one of our blissfully intense and life changing 5 Day Silent Retreats you've moved your body beyond any habitual patterns, fully conscious, curious, awake--just experiencing and playing with your body in wholly new ways. It's truly magical.

by Lola Jones

Read the whole article, and you MUST see the video. It will take your vibration higher right now.

Sometimes it is so easy to sit down with an emotion, close your eyes, keep breathing as you feel the feeling, and just be there while the vibration expands and starts to shift effortlessly upward on the Instrument Panel. And what a delicious gift that is. (For a detailed description of how to dive into an emotion if you don't know how, read Lola Jones's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence--it's one of the absolute key elements in your enlightenment journey.)

But sometimes it is not that easy, because that monkey mind keeps babbling stories, it's hard to drop the story, and you just can't find the calm inside you to soften into it. Well good news: there are many ways to dive Into our feelings, and we want to remind you of a really fun one that gets you out of your head (stops the story) and into your body and feelings every single time: Diving In with Non-Habitual-Movement!

If you've done this at home, remember how energizing it is? How it blows your pipes wide open on so many levels, and how fresh, clear and deliciously good you feel afterwards? It's a fun and easy thing!

Well, how about using that for your Diving In to shake things up? As you get into your movement you don't only try to move in new, non-habitual ways, but through your movements you start physically and emotionally accessing that very vibration you want to move, and it's easy to just allow it to move from there.

It's a unique experience every time we do it, and remember you can use Diving In to take high vibrations higher and amp them up!

There is no need for any story, nor reason or understanding.
All there is, is the vibration and you moving with it. 
How it moves, shifts and expands as you move with it.

A few days ago we came across this video of a young freestyle dancer, who displays this on a marvellous level. Apart from him doing some of the most amazing non-habitual movements we have ever seen, we were completely mesmerized by how open he is to any vibration moving through his dance and actually plays with it.

There is no judgement, no need for analysis for him or us. Just simple being and going with the flow of the emotions.

This man has a GIFT. There's not a dry eye in the house; even the tough guys are melted.
Now that you have the idea, watch this remarkable video! 

He told the audience that he would take their fears and sadness and "exorcise" them through his dance and you saw how powerful a simple, pure intention from a pure heart like that can be: it is exactly what happened. You see in their faces how they soften, how they feel it shifting with him, and how deeply his movements touch them.

It's also an astounding act of kindness for someone (who's about to be judged!) to come along and offer to take your painful feelings and just shift them for you. But that to me wasn't even the most important part, no, the important things is, the way in which he does it demonstrates so clearly and kindly that we can simply do this ourselves, especially with that Divine Openings "extra boost of Grace." 

His movement is shockingly non-habitual, and that's what knocks us out of our "stuck places." Even the music he chose threw the viewers right out of their old set of expectations and patterns. This Evanescence song embraces classical, rock, and still is totally unique, as well as deeply emotional. We'll be showing this video at the next 5 Day Retreat! The video that comes up after is awesome--his wife and child move with him.

He shows us there is nothing we can't move through! There is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. There is just a vibration that wants to move. That's all.

Sounds familiar to you regulars? I know, right?

Watching this video brought some yummy Effective Questions (from the Level 2 Online Course) to my mind:

  • What if this was normal?
  • What if experiencing emotions and letting them move is our new normal?
  • Even all around the world?
  • What would happen?
  • How would fears, anger, fights, and grudges disappear?
  • In how many other ways could we appreciate the gift of diving in and non-habitual movement?
  • Oh, it already is your normal? Well congratulations, let's go live and have fun :)

Now, we know Divine Openings makes moving energy soooooo much easier. For someone who hasn't experienced the boost Grace gives us, this might be a lot harder. But you do have that boost and that support. And you do enjoy expanding even more with it.

So get your kick of inspiration from this and do it for yourself. Give it your own style. Not this dancer's or anybody else's. Heck, it doesn't even need a style at all! And you know what: Your freedom will be infectious to those around you. You won't need to do it for them, the same as you won't need anybody to do it for you. But you could do it together with friends, if you want extra fun - and talking about fun: as the lower vibration shifts, there's no need to stop there, that's just where the fun begins.

Lola's original music, Watch Where You Point That Thing is great for non-habitual music AND it has the Grace energy in it! There's also an audio and a video on how to do a Blissout Workout here.

Let's rock it! 

Love and so much Joy to all of you!

The Divine Openings team

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