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How Do I Make This Confusion Go Away?

Someone wrote recently and said his thoughts were a swirl of confusion.

What to do? Well, first off, your thoughts are pretty irrelevant to your liberation. Your mind never got you free before, so don't expect the solution to be found there! Remember Einstein's wisdom: A problem is never solved in the same consciousness that created it.

Your liberation is through feeling the confusion, not sorting it out mentally.

Embrace the confusion.
Feel the confusion without resisting it, making it wrong, analyzing it, figuring it out, or trying to make it go away.
Your presence with it is magic, and transforms it.
Confusion needs to happen as the old breaks up and goes into chaos.
Then the energy reorganizes into something you'll like a lot more.
People need to break down the old, but they don't always appreciate it, or want to feel it breaking down!
They want change, but when the old starts breaking down it may not feel good, and although they are getting what they asked for, they go "Oh, no!!!!"

It may be scary.
You may be temped to try to run back to the old order...... the one you didn't like!
But at least it's familiar, aye?

But Divine Openings won't let you. Trying to go backwards actually increases the suffering.
Instead, embrace the change and the feeling.

You'll love and appreciate what comes after confusion!
Chaos and confusion comes before breakthrough.

Of course, always be with everything you feel.
You asked for change: presto, it's happening!
Now you're feeling all that swirling, boiling ENERGY MOVING!!!!

Notice when you have the urge to run from what you're feeling.
Watch how the mind can hook you into thinking rather than feeling.

Here's how that can play out in many sneaky ways:
-- I shouldn't be feeling this. (Yes, you SHOULD BE, because it's been there stagnating and building pressure for a long time. Just feel.)
-- No one else is feeling this. (Yes, they do feel this, you just can't see it. Just feel and flow.)
-- Oh, no, that feeling again! (Just feel it and you'll never feel it again in that disempowering way.)
-- What can I do to control this? (Don't control it. Just feel and flow.)
-- I should be past this! (As you open up, new feelings arise. Feel them and they move on.)
-- I should be in control! (Small self's attempts at control got you in all the jams you're in. Just feel and flow.)
-- I should be able to understand this! (No. You can't. There's too much of it, and it's too old. Just feel and flow.)
-- I want to figure this out! (Not a good use of your energy. That's the mind's circular game. Just feel and flow.)
-- I need to get a session, healing, fix this, or make it go away. (Just feel it.)

Let go and JUST FEEL!

It really does resolve.
Everything Divine Openings stirs up, it resolves.
Your job is just to LET GO, and let yourself be taken effortlessly along in the flow of Life.

We went swimming at Barton Springs yesterday and took Ruby, who was here from the UK (Wales) to do the 5 Day Silent Intensive. It was a perfect, no-mind activity, and I love to do that, especially after being in all that profundity for 5 days. It's great to do mundane, normal, fun things after a big explosion of bliss. Ebb and flow, enjoy the contrast.

To soothe confusion, instead of thinking and analyzing:
Do some things outdoors, or do things you like...... that don't require or encourage thinking.
Curl up in a ball on your sofa, and don't think. Feel.
Take a hot bath or jump in cold water.
Give yourself hugs.
Sing, dance, exercise.
Follow your guidance and urges.

Feel, and without any work, clarity will come.


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