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How Can I Make This Great Feeling Last...?

People just starting Divine Openings sometimes ask, "Does this great feeling fade? Does it last?"

No, it doesn't fade.

Yes, it does last.

You will get used to feeling that good, and it will be less of big deal. Then you'll go higher if you choose to keep going. Then you'll acclimate to that and want more. There's no upper limit.

Now, it is possible to use your free will to move away from the high vibrations, and of course your good feelings will not be available while you're down there.

But they're still there. Right where you left them.

Joy and The Divine and love haven't gone anywhere. YOU have.

Once a week Michael and I have a day of silence. We don't speak. Today was the day.

We don't pray all day, or do rituals, or stuffy spiritual stuff. No way. We do things that feel good. We spontaneously find ourselves doing things we just never do, like drenching each other with the water hose, lying on the grass on a quilt for hours, eating apples off the trees ...yes, Michael did mime Adam trying to resist the apple.

It's always different. Today there was an indescribable sweetness to everything -- for no reason. Like the feeling of new love, but more intense. Divine love permeating everything. And it wasn't actually ABOUT each other, it was bigger than that..... although it's fun to express it to each other.

Causeless bliss.
The air was made of it.

That feeling is available all the time since Divine Openings. But our radio dials are more finely tuned to it at some times than others. On our days of silence we are tuned fully in. It's a recharge, a re-tuning, a soaking in it.

No computers, TV, or phone. Heaven is right here when you slow down and tune in. You feel things you've been going too fast to feel. You see things you don't ordinarily notice when your mind is so active.

Divine Openings opens you up to it. The day of silence deepens it.

Make a date with The Divine and enjoy!
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