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How Can I Make A Difference For Others

How Can I Make A Difference For Others?
.... BY Minding My OWN Business.
by Lola Jones

Our families, friends, and associates are often the ones we want most to help, but find it to be the hardest. Guess what? It should be the hardest--because it's not our job!

I found that rather than trying to teach, inspire, or "help" family and friends, that just loving them and being my Large Self worked wonders.

In other words, we need to mind our own business.
Who we are speaks so much louder than what we say.

Drop a light hint here and there about what you're learning, unattached to how they respond, and some will get curious, ask questions, or even eventually come on the journey with you. If they don't spark, let it go, and love, love, love them. That's your only job with them. To be loving, not fix them or convert them.

Feel this. Have you ever been cornered by some religious nut who tried to save you, and can't you feel this message oozing from them, "You're wrong, you're messed up, you need almight ME to save you?" Not such a good message. And it's a misguided intention. Our beliefs may not be right for others. God allows all beliefs, have you noticed? Let your intention be to appreciate, to find what's right--to love. That's what your Large Self does.

Can you feel it when someone judges you
or tries to tell you you're wrong or bad?
It's the opposite of unconditional love.


The Presence gives unconditional love to everyone, always. It holds the space and calls us all in. That is what we as teachers should do, call lightly, but not push or try to control. Absolutely don't lower your vibration about other people's response to you.

I never try to change my family. That's not my job.

Since well-meaning spiritual people can get very evangelical, subtly pushy and controlling, at the end of the 5 Day Silent Retreat I tell people, "Take yourself off your family's case right now. It is NOT YOUR JOB." Your job is to love them. Period. Trying to fix people is not love, it's judgment, and it annoys them and pushes them away.

Your job is to mind your own vibration and get your own self in bliss.  People who are seeking a better life will find you, if you're living what you're talking: love, joy, success, freedom, peace.

With Divine Openings, I NEVER, EVER try to convert people. I'm here radiating what I'm teaching. They actively seek out and find me if they want this. They come, they read my site, they say yes or no. On the rare occasion someone contacts me and says, "Hey, convince me this is the way and the light," I won't do it. I tell them it's for them to decide. I don't try to convince or persuade anyone. It's not my job.

My definition of unconditional love is
"I will be happy no matter what you are doing or not doing."


Now of course, getting up to love on the Altimeter is a process (it's in the book), so go easy on
yourself till you're genuinely there. Appreciation is the same frequency, and it's easier to do,
so think of one thing to appreciate about them, and tell them. Suddenly you seem smarter and more inspirational.

The best test: When you do Divine Openings or some other spiritual path that actually works, and you are LIVING IT rather than just talking about it, people around you begin to transform very quickly without your doing anything. We have thousands of testimonials saying just that.  If they're not becoming more their Large Selves in your presence, look at who you're being.

With Divine Openings, people around you shift, often in a matter of weeks, when you're being it. It takes no effort on your part. You don't have to say a word. It's best if you do absolutely nothing and just let go and get out of the way.

They may even zoom "beyond" where you are.... an interesting phenomenon that can be very annoying! Ha ha. I talk more about in Self-Paced Level One Online.

You know that your vibration affects the collective consciousness -- not by what you do, but by how you vibrate, by what is in your heart and body.

Are you vibrating love and freedom, security and bliss?
By achieving your own liberation you will cause many to rise in vibration, without doing a thing. If you focus too much on others, you get distracted from what counts -- YOUR vibration.

Your family is your most immediate collective. You'll see them affected first. Next is your community and your co-workers. Start at home and at work. When you are able to love them
unconditionally, then you can successfully step up to larger stuff.

Divine Openings helps people get there quite easily. All you have to do is commit, relax, listen within, let go, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

Then your enlightenment quite effortlessly spreads out in concentric rings from you.


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