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How Can Good Come of the Coronavirus Crisis?

How Can Greater Good Come of the Coronavirus Crisis?

by Lola Jones

This morning Scott and I sat outside as the sun rose, and felt how quiet the world was.

When everything stops,
in that gap

we suddenly become more aware.

It's the magic of emptiness -- what's important is experienced in the relative stillness and quiet. The birds' unique songs, the clouds, the cool air.

It reminds me of the meditation in Portal 5 where you focus on the gap between breaths, which is of course, nothing.

Stillness, silence, emptiness is the most powerful state there is.

No-thing-ness opens space for genius inspiration, allows your Large Self's guidance to get to you. If you can stand the nothing.

The most powerful state is not having the most information, although being informed is good!

But (before awakening) humans resist emptiness, compulsively fill it with noise, thoughts, and distraction -- anything but silence!

What's happening for many is their first elementary encounter with emptiness.

Can you be still? Can you soften into what is and allow it? Feel how calm that makes you.

Many didn't realize how fast, frantic, and unconsciously they moved through their days, on autopilot -- until it all stopped.

Emptiness is what happens in our 5-Day Bliss Retreats (but in the retreats we're bathed in pure Grace, have zero distractions, and I keep everyone focused, so the effect is exponential.) In the retreats the world stops, and eventually the mind stops. If you've been to a retreat this emptiness is familiar!

Now people are jarred awake.

  • Appreciating what they had, when before it was never enough. We celebrate what is in the stores.
  • Helping others who can't help themselves, donating supplies.
  • Being with family, reaching out to connect. (Social media is not anywhere near real connection.)
  • Finding simple ways to entertain each other, generate laughter. Scott and I are laughing MORE! Funny story below.*
  • Eating at home more; often that's healthier food.
  • Getting creative about cooking, hobbies, doing new things outdoors. I'm hiking the stunning trails out my back door more.
  • I notice how much I used to waste, and I'm wasting less. Not feeling any scarcity, just more mindful to use food well, wrap that half a cucumber, eat leftovers, ration paper products.

Now we're prompted to question how it was -- to open possibilities for new ways to do things. To question: did it really have to be done like that?

New informal leaders emerge while some old paradigm authoritarian leaders fail. Please just calmly observe them. This fall's U.S. elections offer a chance to choose an enlightened direction over hate, more income inequality, and domestic/world division. I don't give too much power to politics, but democracy is definitely preferable to this slow slide into corruption and breakdown of democracy.

My love Scott is quite politically astute, I've learned so much truth about government from him, and he offers these tips:

  • Don't listen to me, or anyone; dump all your prior biases and beliefs, and JUST WATCH from your Large Self.
  • Social media "news" is 100% unreliable, because anyone can say anything there.
  • Watch legitimate news on CNN, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC. If you believe FOX is real news (interesting how they call everyone else fake) Scott invites you to watch all of them equally for three months, and over time compare for yourself: what most often turns out to be true?
  • Feel the vibrational differences. Which are the highest vibration? Which try to make you feel fear? Hate and division? Which try to make other races or countries the enemy? Which try to unite us all? Which encourage strong, healthy alliances with other democracies in the world?

Even the hate-mongers have softened a bit lately because in a crisis it's too glaringly obvious, but you can still feel truth if you tune in, and the sincere will prove it with action.

Forget what political party you've always been, and choose from a big, fresh place of nothing to simply be a force for truth, love, unity, equality, and enlightenment in the world.

Vote for that, not a party.

In ease and flow,

Lola Jones

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