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Hoovers, Movers, and Groovers

Here's a different version of the article in the recent newsletter. This version is in Module 1 of the Jumping The Matrix Online Course:

Hoovers, Movers, and Groovers: Preparing To Jump The Matrix

This is my whimsical description of ways one might travel this journey. You have a choice in how to be as you go through it.

The Hoovers
are like vacuum cleaners, sucking up knowledge and facts and methods, but never really feeling it or experiencing it fully. You can't do this with your intellect, you have to do it through feeling and experience. Step by step. It can't be rushed. One layer has to be laid down before you can step on it into a next layer. It's all about practical experience rather than a bunch of stuff to be learned, or more knowledge to collect. Knowledge is the booby prize here.

You want real experience.> Through that practical experience, you'll soon discover that whatever happens, none of it is “real” in any absolute sense, but the more mastery you build, the more control you have over your experience. Now the paradox is that it's not small self control. At first you may feel out of control, but as you let go more and more to your Large Self, you find that it's control is the only control that you can really trust.

The Movers are always in a hurry to get somewhere, to grow, or improve. I hope you won't do it this way, because you'll find that if you aren't experiencing joy, it doesn't matter if you're in the matrix or have jumped it, or you're standing on the moon -- it's all a grind. Relax, take a deep breath, and vow right now to make it all about joy, reclaiming joy, experiencing more joy, and all your freedom and power and prosperity will just naturally come right along with that without work.

The Groovers are in it for the joy of expansion, creation, and play. This is how I hope you'll take life, and the Jumping The Matrix Online Course. Then you'll find yourself not only expanded and free, but joyful. If you commit right now to making it play instead of work, you will move faster! And again, speed is useless if you get there fast and out of breath, but have left your joy behind.

PS - I am feeling cool, smooth, ecstatic exhilaration at a level of contrastI haven't felt in months and months. You know, you feel most poignantly in contrast to what you were feeling before, so when you've been sailing along on a pretty steady high for a while, it takes a pretty good bump up to feel it really intensely.

Launching this new course, then Grooving out under the full moon in my new outdoor office by the barn, and meditating in the hot tub must have been perfectly in alignment with my Large Self. Mmmmmmm!

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Once you're awake, or awakening, you can meditate, not to get somewhere, achieve something, know, or find something, but for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing who you really are beneath all the distraction of daily life.
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