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A Holiday Note from a Very Enlightened Bein

I'm sharing this note Donna sent me. Donna ran our Certified Guide Program.

I had written Donna and the other members of our team a holiday note, and one of the things I celebrated was having time to do mundane tasks, loving how simple and finite they are in contrast to the complicated and never-finished tasks we so often do in our work, simple things like loading and unloading the dishwasher giving great joy:

Here's Donna: "I love the idea of "blissful completion"....there is a restfulness that happens, even if it's only a few moments long, when I breathe into the satisfaction of completing a small task.

Thank you for the invite to join the New Year New YOU call but I have a lot of family around (lots of small kids) and there is a general ruckus. My fave moment so far happened while we were opening gifts: a 7 year old nephew came bounding toward me, his airplane piggy bank in hand, and yelled over the commotion: "Aunty Donna! Thank you! It's my favorite gift... At this very moment."

I laughed so hard at that! Also, delight in my mom and dad has reached new heights.

My mom: She told me she has surrendered all illusion of control. As I looked at her, sprawled in her easy chair, bra-less, curly grey hair springing off her head like ribbons, glasses askew, huge furry slippers on her feet and surrounded by people who adore her, I believe her. Emily's eyes were shining when she told me "I want to be Grandma when I grow up."

Cold DonnaMy dad: At the age of 75, he still grabs the young kids for a wrestle in the front room. At one point he was strategically pinned underneath 5 or 6 kids, gave out a dragon-sized roar and STOOD UP, with little kids hanging off every limb. He knows how to stay young! I love those little moments.

I also want to tell you Lola, your last newsletter had energy just beaming off of it. It literally lit up my inbox!! A friend called to tell me that she got a major opening just from the message. Love to all and continuing happy holidays, and OF COURSE 2014 is going to be a year of unprecedented expansion, boundless small joys, and pure Divine Openings magic. Kisses, Donna"

Here's a picture Donna sent me on a day in December when her town Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada was the coldest place on earth, colder than either pole. Minus forty degrees. Of course Donna was happy and cheerful. I adore Donna.

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