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"Higher class problems" come with Spiritual evolution with Divine Openings

Talking with a Guide last night, in a very light way I mentioned how I was happily responding to some of my current challenges: handling the brisk level of growth in our organization, getting all my many creative ideas developed into physical form, getting myself to STOP working at times, etc.

She said, "You have high class problems," and we both laughed. That's what you get as your enlightenment unfolds, as your spiritual evolution expands and evolves: higher class problems.

You still have challenges, and opportunities to go higher, but your problems are more fun and higher vibration.

Maybe you don't have problems at all at times. I was taking my favorite yoga class, which is really all about lying on the floor in nice stretchy positions. Ahhhh.

The leader said, "Leave all your cares outside the door" and I thought, "Cares...? Hmmmm, I don't have any." Then I lazily rolled over into the next position, which had us all looking like boneless chickens.

I got a laughing fit last night that lasted for fifteen minutes, for no reason. That's causeless bliss. I do like to laugh, and have made it a high level intention in my life. Beyond seeking and struggling, that's what it's about, setting higher intentions. And having high class problems.

After puzzling over my sock drawer the other day, I asked a friend, "How can I have four black single socks that don't match any of the others?"

And then after thinking about it again, "How does a sock know when to conclude that his long lost mate is never coming back? How does he know it's time to give up, move on, and find another sock to be with?"

I love this cartoon because it's all about being yourself and not caring what others think about it, playing outside the box, and having fun. And yes, you could say the eagle has a high class problem: more conservative eagles not understanding where he's coming from!


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