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Hi and Bye!

Marion Poole has sent me so much wonderful stuff, and I've shared some of it with you here. Here's her latest nugget of wisdom:

"Just for fun, when I get a negative thought or feeling, I have jokingly come up with the expression (in a gentle & loving tone):
'Hi' (smile) 'Bye'

Seems to be working!"Much love, Marion"

I love this! First because it's playful, and we get far too serious about all this spiritual stuff. The loving and gentle "Hi" is the essence of acceptance and non-resistance. And the "Bye" is the firm choice we make about where we are going to put our POWERFUL focus. I presume Marion then directs her thoughts and feelings toward what she chooses to focus on.

One of my variations on that is to say to the often bizarre thoughts that can land in our heads without warning, "Now, THAT's interesting. I'm not going with it, but that's one way to look at things."

Happy Thanksgiving to All! Rave all day!

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