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Video: How to Heal Unworthiness, California Retreat--Yes I Know the Word Heal Isn't Correct

So many seekers think they need to "heal" emotions, issues, broken hearts, and life conditions. That's old paradigm, out of date. Let's get your worthiness clear: it's a given.

by Lola Jones

Hello Dear People,

I know the words "heal your unworthiness" are inappropriate in Divine Openings terms, but it's more effective to speak the language of spiritual seekers if we want to reach them where they are. Now we now know that unless you're physically sick, healing is not what you need; for emotions, issues, and life conditions you need to raise vibration, not "heal."

With Divine Openings, as we master that new paradigm, incessant healing and clearing becomes a thing of the past.

In this video you get a rare live preview into one of our California retreats (we also have them in Germany and UK) where we move people very powerfully into the new paradigm, into a new world of empowerment--spiritually, and in practical daily life success.

You've discovered this for yourself if you've been doing healing work on yourself for years and the same issues are still there.

And if you've been with Divine Openings you've discovered by experience that if you're feeling or manifesting something unwanted, you need to raise your vibration, not "heal yourself." If your car is broken, you could take all the aspirin you want, but it wouldn't ever fix the car, because that's an ineffective approach.

"You can't ever do an ineffective thing hard enough or long enough to make it work!"

Now that we've cleared that up, enjoy this valuable video, shot live at a Santa Barbara, California retreat, that will help you claim your worthiness and leave unworthiness behind.

If you can't yet come to a retreat, you could begin allowing this Grace as yo uread the Divine Openings foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. The Grace boost in the book is a miracle in itself.

It is a rare treat for us to share retreat footage with the public. The retreats are such powerful, sacred, special, and intimate events that we don't video much of them, and we share even less of it publicly. It's an experience that needs to be experienced in full over five days at a live retreat, not in pieces. But here you get that rare treat, and this video piece stands alone. You can get a lot out of this video if you slow down and drop all thoughts, feel it, and let it attune you directly.


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