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Heal Long Covid with Energy Movement

Long Covid can be healed

It can be a bigger challenge for some than the actual illness. The effects can range from fatigue, to strange lingering pains, all the way to being completely debilitated and unable to work. And that can cause fear that makes it harder to get through it.

Long Covid can be reversed with powerful energy movement. It is Consciousness (God, Source) doing the healing. I just set up the conditions, intention, and pathway for it to happen.

My husband Scott had Long Covid until we figured out what it was. I've helped him and a lot of people get over it. I'm hearing so much about people's struggles with Long Covid that I was moved to share this video and audio with everyone instead of putting it in the Healing Course where such things usually go. 

Anything is possible.

Nothing can be guaranteed with healing, but I've had good results with it. 

Doctors are stumped - they don't know what causes it to linger and there's no drug or treatment for it. It is well documented that Covid can damage nerves, heart, lungs, and brain. When the body overreacts to the virus it causes excessive inflammation, so that's one of the main things I always focus on. 

BONUS BENEFIT: Lowering inflammation helps everything from repairing tissues, to preventing just about every disease, to aging more slowly. 

The audio: Heal Long Covid and reduce inflammation. See shorter version below in EN-DE.

HEAL YOURSELF WITH the energy workout in this session

  • Do the energy workout on your own for a while, although you may feel better instantly.
  • It feels great and it makes a great addition to your meditation repertoir to liven things up! 
  • The more you practice energy movement, the stronger your focus and power of intention becomes.
  • You can't do too much energy movement so do it as often as you like!
  • Do it often purely as a Pleasure Practice as well as for self-healing, anti-aging, and rejuvenation. 

Still give yourself time and care to build your muscles back up. Light exercise or walking is good enough at first. If it was a message for you to slow down, then slow down!

The Mental Part of Healing

Feed yourself lots of soothing and support. I love how Hartmut squeezed all of the good he could out of the contrast! Then he made the firm decision that it would not keep him down! That Key Decision and the high vibration helps.

He's in my Mentoring Program and it's been a pleasure to witness him coming such a long, long way to find his happiness and power. 

Love and health,

Ps - Here's a short version for inflammation in EN-DE

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