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Make Hardiness Your Aim... How Resilient are You?

08/08/2017 - 17:27 Submitted by Lola Jones

Hello Dears!
It's been an exciting three months! In April, Scott and I were inspired to sell our home in Ojai, moved to San Diego, and quickly bought a magical tree house on a creek in Alpine, California. We have happily scrubbed floors, shoveled paths, built horse fences, done a thousand tasks, and for me, extra inspiration flows in when I'm doing physical work. I can't wait to put it all into articles, beginning with this one about resilience. 

Lola and the Divine Openings Team

 Make Hardiness Your Aim... How Resilient are You?

Lola Jones spiritual teacher on resilience

By Lola Jones

research increasingly tells us that Being resilient or hardy is a key skill for creating a happy, healthy life. 

Divine Openings has always given us increased resilience. We bounce, we surf the waves, we fly over obstacles, and ace more challenges than not.
Feel the "resilience energy" in this article, and power up your hardiness even more! 
I'll give you a Divine Openings method to increase your resilience below.

DEFINITION: Resilience is the ability to be in or get back in the flow, be with what is, use contrast for good, recover from setbacks, adapt to stress, stay up when the world is down, and meet challenges rather than be defeated by them.  

The opposite of resilience? Rigidity, unrealistic efforts to control circumstances and others, attachment to already knowing all the right answers, being "perfect but fossilized," and clinging to the past. Even small stresses pile up on us when resilience is low.
The ability to adapt, adjust, learn, and change is more vital than ever in this fast-moving world. What you know is less important than your ability to feel, move energy, intuit, shift, adapt, adjust, relearn, and change. 
The "right answers" of yesterday may be outdated by tomorrow morning!
Develop more resilience, stay in the flow of Life, and you're guided through. "Perfection not required!"

It's not the size of the challenge.
It's your ability to move through it.

Two identical twins have an abusive parent. The more resilient one somehow moves that energy, uses the contrast to get stronger, and goes on to live a happy, productive life. The less resilient one stays in the old energy and has an unhappy life. Be the resilient one!
Is your resilience strong enough to help you thrive on through, often coming out of a huge challenge better than before? 

Those who know how to manage emotions 
more easily increase and maintain resilience. 

I still play with the Divine Openings basics daily, with the intention to go ever deeper with them. I listen to my own course audios because it's my Large Self talking... and she's much smarter and more resilient than me! The trusty Instrument Panel continues to reveal new insights.....

Do This to Increase Your Resilience!spiritual development webinar Lola Jones

Using your Instrument Panel, lightly witness your vibration several times a day. Notice where you are without judgment, without the story, and without fixing it.
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Bonus! Witnessing your vibration on the Instrument Panel is a form of mindfulness practice, which has even lowered high blood sugar in studies! Portal 5 Online has a whole module that pleasurably leads you to witness.
Simply witnessing your vibration is that powerful! Increasingly, science is validating what we knew intuitively from Divine Openings.
  • Rave every time you Witness that you're in the upper part of the Instrument Panel. 
  • Rave each time you dipped but moved that energy up the Instrument Panel. Your resilience served you.

When you feel challenged, check and align your energy first, before taking action:

  • Put your hand on your heart, put a tiny smile on your lips, and expand into your Large Self. 
  • Breathe "acceptance of what you feel" into your heart. 
  • If you can't pull it off instantly, just be willing to allow that feeling to be. 
  • Tell yourself, "Everything is temporary, and the more I soften around it, the faster and easier I and it can transform." 
  • Effective questions: "Who am I that is 300 times larger than this challenge?" "What will it take to get me back in the flow?" 
  • As soon as you soften into "acceptance" on the Instrument Panel, and feel just a bit better, WOW, you are above the Tipping Point! That's your 10% to do--let that be enough for now. Momentum and Grace begin to spiral you upward and do 90% for you. 
  • You just increased your resilience, and you get more and more resilient as you practice this simple awareness.
Use your Success Journal to Witness yourself, focus on, and celebrate your increased resilience, lowered stress, and healthier body. Enjoy your evolution!
In the Online Portals, Webinars, Retreats, and Virtual Retreats, Lola takes you deep, and leads this and other processes LIVE to help you claim your resilience. What now looks like challenges turn out to be hidden treasures.

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