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Supercharge Your Vibration to Start Your Day

A powerful morning practice to raise your vibration, and eventually change your habits of thinking and feeling. You'll feel happier, lighter, clearer, and more resilient. I'm so excited to share this with you! I'm getting great feedback on this.

Supercharge Your Mornings - Lighten Your Life 

by Lola Jones 

Thoughts become things - what we think, feel, and vibrate attracts more of those same thoughts, feelings, vibrations... and outer manifestations. 

A spinning vortex forms and builds momentum, spiraling you upward... or downward. Purely Pleasurable Divine Openings Practices help you keep that spiral pointed in the upward expanding direction. 

Do your 10%: keep re-focusing, re-focusing, re-focusing your thoughts... practicing the new thoughts until the new habits stick. 

Make powerful choices the minute you open your eyes. Consciously or not, you set the tone for your day in those first minutes! 

~ Do Version #1 when you wake feeling pretty good, want to take advantage of that, and soar even higher. 

~ Do Version #2 if you wake in a low vibration. 

~ Version #3 is for dedicated Divine Openers in the Portals. Refresh and renew your Morning Supercharger with Lola's newest methods so you keep growing and don't stagnate.


#1 - For high-vibers to soar higher. (Total time 15-30 minutes)

   ~ Focus on your breath going in and out gently all by itself. Miraculous!

   ~ Breathe through each chakra for 3 breaths, relaxing that chakra, and letting that section of your body fade away. Intend to let your whole body disappear by the time you reach the crown chakra. 

   ~ Dwell in your crown chakra where might say your Large Self sits. With your Large Self, witness the thoughts that drift by with detachment and amusement.

   ~ When your thoughts go still, sit in the silence, then soar on the silence as long and luxuriously as you wish. You cannot comprehend what the magic that silence has manifested. Silence is THE most powerful state you can achieve, because you are 100% OUT OF THE WAY - non-resistant without thought.


#2 - If you wake feeling down. (Total time 20 minutes)

It's so important to shift your vibration NOW before it gains momentum, attracts, and manifests. You want to withdraw all your energy from that thought. Here's how:

    Sit with your notebook or laptop, outside if possible.

    Write the feeling you want to raise, with no story, just the feeling in < 6 words.

    Stay off that specific subject because it's too charged up right now. 
    You want to REMOVE focus from it. 

    Don't write anything your mind can argue with. 

Write broad, general, soothing principles you've learned in the 5 Portals, like:

     o - I may not know what to do but my Large Self ALWAYS DOES.

     o - My Large Self has it ALREADY SOLVED for me.

     o - I'm so glad that the vast part of my Large Self stayed in the Non-Physical where it can easily hold that high vibration for me, as I surf the waves and contrasts here in the physical world.

     o - I'm so free that I can choose to focus on the negative, or the possibilities!

     o - Grace is always raining on me, so I'll take down my umbrella and let it wash into me. (Listen to the song, Rainbow, by Kacey Musgraves.)

     o - Today, every time small self speaks, I'll focus on and talk to my Large Self.

     o - I'll scoot toward agreeing with my Large Self, and align my vibration with IT, not my fearful small self. Isn't it funny that I'd believe my small self??

     o - Past mistakes or hurts can't hold me back if I remove the focus and energy from them. Isn't that amazing?

     o - Everything always works out for me even though I get in the way sometimes.

     o - I can radiate compassion for my human self having this experience.

     o - I'm noticing that as I gently, gradually massage my thoughts upward, my vibration rises and the sentences get easier!!!

     o - Keep going until you're feeling better and have some upward momentum. The tide is turned, and that's good enough for now!


#3 - For you regular Divine Openers.  Keep your practices FRESH, so you don't get bored or stale. That's why I keep generating endless new leading-edge methods for you!

Remember these treasures from the Portals, Mentoring, and other Webinars?

     o - Neutralize Any Negative Charge

     o - Play with Energy, Move Energy Around 

     o - Ground your Dream, Project, or Intention

     o - Ground a Low Vibration

     o - Unplug Energy That's Using Your Power 

     o - Plug IN to Presence

     o - Flip My Focus, Create a New Story

     o - Dive In and BE with It, or Body Scan

     o - What does Large Self Think?

     o - What's Contrast Guiding Me To?

     o - What Meaning Am I Generating?

     o - Prostrate and Give It Over

     o - Soothe Yourself

     o - Non-Habitual Movement and Non-Hab Vocalizing ("Blah-blah-blah") 

     o - Play with your Key Notes (Cheat Sheet)

     o - Dance Up the Instrument Panel to Your Favorite Music

     o - Get on Your Throne and Kick Everyone Else Off (they have their own)

     o - Take an "It's Coming To ME" Walk

     o - Take a Baby Fresh Eyes Walk

     o - Savor any of the Portals' 300+ meditations (the most in Portal 5.)

These methods and MORE are yours in the 5 Portals of Awakening. 
You'll never get bored - it's a lifetime of personal and spiritual growth. 
An exciting, endless variety of pleasurable, life-giving ways to evolve and expand.

An inspiring email from a master focuser and Divine Opener:

"Divine Openings just feels sooooooo good! I love how juicy, vivid, sparkling and exciting my life got. Sometimes I feel like the rock in the middle of a storm. Everybody around struggles, fights and keeps their stories running. Incredible! And I LOVE just to lift them, without saying anything. And I love to teach Divine Openings to my little one!! That's the future! I tell ya THAT'S the way to world peace!! :-) I have a friend who always says: "If I would be king, things would be different..." Ha ha ha ha! So If I would be queen - I would get your book in each household WORLDWIDE!!!" Andrea B

Love and Powerful Choices,

Lola Jones


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