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Groundhog Day Audio

Audio of Special Groundhog Day Call!

Don't Repeat The Past -- Create From Nothing!

One of my favorite films of all time is Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray plays a resistant guy who wakes up each day to find it's Groundhog Day... again. Through life experience, he discovers that if he doesn't change, that same Groundhog Day repeats over and over again.

When I was looking for a February call date, and saw Groundhog Day, I started laughing. Perfect!

We all want to create fresh new lives, and stop repeating the same old things, and yet, being human, we're conditioned to feel safer repeating the past, even when it isn't working. This call focuses on 2012 being brand new, not a repeat of the past.


You can just click the audio and it streams instantly (easy). On this call Lola offers Grace, inspiration, coaching, and exercises to help you create your best year ever.


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