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Grace Happens

Grace Happens

Yes, it's a bumper sticker, isn't it? The phrase was coined by Julie Brokken, after we did a phone session.

Here's what Julie wrote to me after the session:
(eep is her "fun word," one of those things that connects her with her child friends and her own childlike innocence.)

Ola Lovely Lola!

Sending a big Cheesie Chehire CAt smile filled with ‘eeps” of love and gratitude! You are a treasure and a blessing! Thank you for all the love and light, and joy and laughter.....!

As you gave the Divine Opening I was aware of my feet ...and I saw in my mind’s eye, the hands of Jesus washing them. The sensation of a breeze softly blowing around my ankles and feet started and continues even now at 10pm. I keep walking into the bedroom where there is no breeze from windows, open doors, etc ...and it’s still there.Sweet!And intriguing. I love being intrigued!

“Grace happens!” (I see possibilities for that phrase!)Walking my dog friend, Kanue,(did you hear him while you were giving the opening? He sensed the energy!) we ran into the neighbors walking home from Amelia’s (eep) second grade musical. Her class had sung some Dr. Seuss inspired songs and she sang me a couple of refrains.I’m gonna have her teach them to me!

Blessings abound, love, Julie

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