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Be the Goddess You Are, Magnetize with Feminine Energy

Lola goddess feminine have it allby Lola Jones

The power of feminine energy didn't open itself to me until later in life. 

When I was growing up and learning about life, masculine energy ran the world.

Feminine energy? What was that? Back then everyone thought feminine meant makeup, frilly clothes, and being pretty. Or household chores. Or Playboy bunnies.  

The only Goddesses were the "domestic goddesses," vacuuming floors, serving men, and taking care of kids. 

Maculine energy was dominant. Masculine is all about doing, producing, protecting, going after it, competing, winning, being assertive and in control, thinking, and making things happen. 

Because woman power wasn't valued back then, I figured that being like a man was the way to make it, and said, "I'll work hard and be as good as the men! I'll outproduce the men!"

And I succeeded! 

But there was a heavy cost.... being too much in masculine mode makes romance difficult. And it burns women out. It doesn't feed our souls or bodies - it drains us. 

Divine Openings woke me up to the feminine: how to be magnetic, to allow, attract. How to speak and live and succeed more in my feminine energy. My whole being began to relax into an easier flow. Feminine energy recharged me and kept me feeling youthful. 

"Ahhhh.... I don't have to try so hard. I can let love and money and bliss come to me." 

You can do it too...

~ Jasmin owns a successful business and was planning time off to have a baby. With the Goddess power she's developed, she decided that while she enjoyed her quality time off with the baby, not working at all, her business would grow. And it did. Sure, she knows how to let her inner man excel at work, and she knows how to lean back and let good things come to her in her feminine self.

~ Anna was learning to relax into her feminine energy with her man, but he often felt bossed around and would pull away, so she knew she was still somehow stuck in masculine energy. "Men hate being told what to do, so how do I say what I want?" she asked. 

I coached her to shift from fact language to feeling language. For example, instead of describing, explaining, and telling, she started to practice saying how she FEELS. Instead of "I wish you'd take me out more often,' she started speaking more from her sensual nature, saying, "It feels so good to snuggle up next to you in our favorite booth at the French restaurant, savoring the aroma of the fresh croissants." It changed HER ENERGY so that she felt more feminine, and then his masculine nature was naturally more attracted to her feminine essence. He wanted to be with her more. She vibrated like a feminine Goddess and he started treating her like one!

~ Men kept breaking up with Gina. She would do everything for them, but the more nice things she did for them, the less attracted they were to her, then they broke up with her. She couldn't understand why. She was so good to them.

I showed her how she was over-doing and over-giving. Doing and giving and making things happen are all masculine (moms take note!) Being, receiving, and allowing are feminine. She started resisting her urge to take charge of everything, and she let them "do the doing and providing," while she leaned back and received more.

Men are not attracted to mascuine energy in romance. A masculine man is fulfilled by doing, giving, and making it happen. When you take over his masculine role it literally kills his desire for you. A woman who happily receives feels good to him.

~ Bonnie, has a lot of assertive masculine energy, and was clashing with her 14 year old son. I coached her to lean back and find ways for him take the man role more. That appealed to his unconscious biological urge to produce and protect, and he stopped being so resistant and started doing more things for her.

~ Kris doesn't need a man. She is wholly self sufficient. But that's a romance-killer - and she wants love and romance! Men need to be needed and feel like your hero, or else the attraction dies, and you end up more like friends ro buddies, one of the guys. Now she finds opportunities to lean back, relax, and let her husband be her hero. Then she praises him to the heavens and he feels virile and turned on. She's not perfect at staying in the feminine with him, but perfection isn't required.

When you try to fix your man, or even a situation, that feels to him like you're exerting masculine control. He can feel it and he's repelled by it. You can train a man by not rewarding behavior you don't want, rewarding behavior you do like, and saying how you feel honestly. Expressing negative emotion is more advanced, so you start with simply using more feeling and sensory language. In a recent Goddess webinar I had everyone practice by describing something in their life.

For example, describe your house in masculine and feminine terms.
Masculine: It's a 1997 ranch style one-story house, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths that cost x dollars. I like it because it's close to the park.
Feminine: My house feels cozy and warm and smells like pine burning in the blazing fireplace in winter. The cold, smooth boards creak under my bare feet. The walls are soft blue and feel soothing. The breeze blows in soft and cool most of the year. The drive to work is smooth and quiet and let's me relax into my luxurious seat as I sing to the radio.

You'll use this at work too. If you're not in feminine receiving mode enough, you'll end up doing too much, or attracting too much resistance and competition. 

Hey I'm still really glad I got strong at masculine energy back then - it's powerful and useful in balance! 

The best of both worlds is to be able to switch into masculine or feminine energy when you want to. Or to balance how much masculine and how much feminine is best for the occasion.

You may want to tap into your feminine power just for you.

It's all about learning to FEEL the energy and shift and flow.

There's a Goddess in every woman, but is she in touch with it? Does it radiate from her and draw what she wants to her like a giant magnet?

My husband Scott says the world will be better when women run it. Let's prove him right. Men love that.

Wth all my love to all my sister Goddesses,
Lola Jones

PS - The Goddess Course helps you juice up your Goddess energy.



Lola Jones

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