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Love, Loss, Death, with Video by Lola Jones

This video from a recent Divine Openings 5 Day Spiritual Retreat in Santa Barbara is a compassionate and powerful perspective on Love, Loss, Death, and dealing with it in an empowering way that expands you rather than contracting you.

by Lola Jones

Slow down, breathe deeply, and take in the vibration as well as the visuals and words. The vibration is where the power and impact are. The miraculous effects of the 5 Day Retreats are primarily from just being in that vibration for five days and letting it soften resistance and re-attune you.

Feel into whether you expand or contract around love, loss, death, and contrasts in your life, and allow yourself to soften and allow it to be easier, even a blessing if you can find that place of ultimate allowing.


PS - See this other blog for the graphic tools Lola is pointing to.

Love from Lola Jones

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Whether you can have it is not the question. The only question is how soon can you let go of the past, the beliefs that aren't allowing it, and the vibration of lack of it... and let it in? Soften and let it in.
Lola Jones