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Get Mad, Make a Decision

At an expo in October of 2006 I met Lola Jones.  My Mom and I immediately signed up for her Live Level 1 course.  Mom had seen Lola on the cover of Austin All Natural Magazine and knew we had to meet her.  I was working at a plant nursery, which in the beginning fed my soul, after 10 years of working in Corporate America in Dallas, TX.  But, less than a year in, I was in a work situation with drama, negative people, working week-ends and barely making any money.

Interesting, eh, how you can change the scenery but keep the scenario?

After filing my taxes in February I saw my refund check was going to be fully 1/3 of what I had made on the year.  I knew at that point something had to change and change quick.  I was moved to give my 2 weeks notice that very day... interestingly my last day of work was exactly 1 year after my start date.  I knew from Divine Openings that keeping my vibration up was the most important thing I could do and working there was taking more of my energy than I had to give.  So, I quit, relaxed and began my job search.

After so long doing things we don't want to do, we sometimes don't know how to even look for something else.  I started looking for administrative jobs.  I would send my resume, get a response and set up an interview for the next week.  Feeling good about that, I'd keep looking for other things but lightly, knowing each time, what I had on the line would be it.  This kept up for weeks and turned into months.

My vibration was high in the fact
that I knew I was doing what I needed to do.  I was frugal with my money, paid my bills and kept on plugging away.  Funny thing, though...  I didn't really WANT one single job I applied for.  I kept doing what I thought I should be doing, what I had always done, even though I didn't want to.  And guess what, I didn't get any of those jobs.

I finally sat down one day and got mad.
  I was mad I was still looking for stupid jobs I didn't want.  I was mad I felt I couldn't be who I truly was at those dumb jobs I didn't get.  I wanted to be me and live the life I wanted to live and have a great job that suited both.  So, mad was what it took.  I finally I wrote a cover letter.  MY cover letter, for me. 

I had my resume together but the cover letter that goes along with it had always been such a difficult thing for me. 
Having spent so much of my life saying, thinking and doing what other people wanted me to, it was a bit of a stretch to find my own words.  Oh, but I found 'em!  Once I made up my mind, I wrote that cover letter in a snap.  I made the decision to be ME and go for what I really, truly, honestly wanted.

I didn't know what it would look like and couldn't even imagine it at that very moment,
but the decision was made.

When it was complete, I sent my resume and cover letter to my sister.  She has quite the contact list and was willing to see what she could see for me. After reading it, she wrote me back and basically told me to tone it down.  Dial back ME and write something that people wouldn't roll their eyes over, like she did.  I said nevermind.  She didn't have to send it out for me, I didn't need her to.  I had already made the decision to get what I wanted, finally. YAY!

After that, (like the next day after that), I found Lola's ad on Craigslist. I emailed her immediately and said, "Stop Looking!!  I am perfect for you."  I then remembered when Mother and I were at Lola's house for our live course,
8 months earlier, asking Lola if she needed an assistant, she didn't... at the time.  ; )

Looking back, I see so clearly how I bounced from interview to interview, letting the promise of the next one keep me up there in vibration. Part of me knew my heart didn't want that work, but the promise of money soothed me and moving in the positive direction of a job always helped.

It was always and only about vibration. 

Whatever it is you need to positively focus on to get you where you need to go, do it.  At the time, I thought it was money I needed.  Four years later my life is almost exactly the same, and completely unrecognizable. 

I am making more money now than I was, sure, but that is just a small part of a very large whole.
Life changes, in very small ways, making a huge difference.  I'm happy without a lot of money.

Oh it's coming alright!  The world has opened up and I'm doing all manner of things that please me.  It is all coming, everything I want.  I have plenty of evidence, in what has already come. Oh yes, it is all on it's way. 
And I am deliriously happy right now, without it.

Make a decision.  Do what is right for you.  Support yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Divine Openings is an online spiritual community right here at your fingertips, that loves and supports you as well.  Use this website to connect and share with people who, like you, want to release resistance to what is and let in all the good.  So much love goes into all we do on this website.  The honor and priviledge I feel for the opportunity to help you in this wonderful way is beyond my vocabulary.  Words can't express the Joy I feel and radiate to you every day.  You are so loved and supported.  Always come back if you need a reminder.  Come back anyway.  ; )

Be who you are, shine your own light!
I can't wait to see and hear of the wonderful experiences that are already on their way to you.

The unfolding is perfect.

I truly love you,

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Every small choice or action step you make adjusts your trajectory. Like a jet in flight, you can't much see or feel the difference it's making now. But those small adjustments make the difference between landing in New York or Florida.
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