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The Future and exciting things since a 5 Day Retreat

This article is written by Marlene Geschke, who attended our most recent California 5 Day Retreat. 
She emailed in to us to share this rave after she returned home from her retreat.marlene familyDear Lola,
While I had a somewhat rocky “re-entry” (that story is for another time:) after arriving back home from the CA 5 day retreat… things are finally settling down - actually Settling UP! - and I’m getting back into the Universal Groove again.  Whew!
I’d like to rave about one VERY significant thing that happened the day I arrived home from Santa Barbara.  :)
Kai and I have been looking/dreaming about a  specific 1.2 acre lot close to our house for about 8 years.  It is around the corner from our marina and many times when leaving our sailboat, I’ll say “Let’s drive by OUR lot and just look at it.”  And then when we park in front of it,  “Won’t it be wonderful WHEN we live here?”.  We didn’t purchase this lot for the past 8 years because it was overpriced and we just didn’t have that kind of money.  We did know the owner and knew that he made a bad business deal and was into the lot for too much and trying to recoup his investment.  SO - every 2-3 years, we’d call him and see what he was asking for it - even tho it wasn’t listed for sale… it was always too much.  Then, about 2 years ago - someone fenced it in and put 2 horses on it!   We were crestfallen, thinking someone had purchased it… but also happy to see the horses grazing on it and continued to stop by here and there. 
Fast forward to the very day I arrived back home from the Retreat.  My husband had purchased a small fishing boat for our 14 yr old and we made plans to go out on Lake Travis to fish the first night home.  On our way out of our marina (at 11pm that night!), I casually, yet excitedly, requested that we drive by OUR lot and to my amazed (and not too surprised) delight, there was a brand new For Sale sign on it!!  Kai called the agent the next day and to our VERY HUGE surprise, the lot price was lowered by $61,000!!  Needless to say, we offered the asking amount, the realtor told us there were several other people interested, but the seller wanted us to have it… oh, and he wanted to owner finance… at the same interest rate we would have gotten at the bank!  
Here is one of my Journal entries from my time at the Retreat titled: THE FUTURE!!
*  A house to build on Rocky Ridge with mini donkey, chickens, “Barn" with Guest loft, RV/Boat parking & Workbench room… Pool & garden & trees & solar!!
We closed on the property yesterday!!   We are now the VERY HAPPY dreamers of a new home complete with a chicken coop and a miniature donkey :)  It feels sooooo incredibly delicious to be in the FLOW of Divine Grace.  Thank You for sharing all of this with all of us! 
With Love and Deep Appreciation,

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