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Fun, Laughter, and Un-Seriousness on Tricycles

In the new paradigm, enlightenment is not an oh-so-serious process done with pain, bowed heads, and grim faces. It's not about "learning more stuff" or "something new" (mere intellectual machinations). It's increasingly happening by play, dance, song, laughter, and joy. To get some perspective, think about the middle ages, and how hard life was, and how cruel God seemed. Of course, now you think, "They were so in the dark!" So, the invitation is to come on up into more joy, more lightness, more ease, NOW.

Our regular readers may have already let go of the over-seriousness of the spiritual path, and of life itself, and have jumped on the joy wagon to awakening... and we invite all to lighten, laugh more, and let in all the Grace and good you can by doing that. Your mind might say, "How can I have fun when "X" is happening?" Well, you just can't afford not to if you want something different in the future! Any serious problems of today are a byproduct of yesterday's vibration. Learn how it's being created, and shift.

Let go of your old stereotypes of what spiritual is. I am deliberately, by design and by choice, NOT your old-paradigm teacher! Those tired old traditions - that's old energy - like the middle ages is old energy.... and how boring!

At the recent live retreat in Indiana, I think we laughed more than at any other event ever (other than a 5 Day Retreat). The Presence is light and FUNNY! There, a group of lovely people reveled with me in the powerful vortex of Grace that Divine Openings is, and yes, serious life change did happen, but the road there is not nearly as serious as people think it has to be. We're putting together a complete video of that event that will be next best thing to being there.

Enjoy these short videos!

We did non-habitual movement to my original music, Watch Where You Point That Thing, and everyone felt their vibration rise and rise and rise… then we ended that segment with a deep dive into the silence.

You know how in the book I talk about returning to a childlike state..... well, here are a couple of videos and pictures of the surprise our hostess lined up for us at the end of the retreat.

Our retreats always manage to end in a celebration of some kind rather than a formal closing. As I said to that group, "I don't do Closings, I only do Openings."

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The overnight sensation is rare. Vibration usually rises gradually, then it seemingly pops into materialization. Enjoy the ride without attachment.
Lola Jones