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Freedom and Love

Occassionally, a share in the member forum is so beautifully simple, so clearly expressed, that I want non-members to be able to read it too. I'll take her name out since she didn't post this in the public area. This is fabulous:

"Lola, I just wanted to share an experience. I have been reading the book and taking the online classes for a little over a month now and I have had many of the blissful moments and probably many more of the "hairball" moments.But today I did something that amazed even me.

I am not the kind of girl who takes risk and when it comes to any and all emotions, I play with my hand pretty close to my chest (it would be fair to say that I probably ate the cards I was so afraid of them being seen).For awhile now, I have known that I am really in love with my boyfriend, but been far too afraid to tell him.So, tonight - after much hesitation, I finally told him & all he had to say was "Thanks".

The very fear that kept me from telling him, actually came true (most likely because I vibrated my little scared heart out until I created that reality - yes, we are that powerful) - the reason I feared it so much was that I thought it would devastate me & in the past it probably would have. But, today - after giving it the automatic 2 min. cry (I think there is something in the book about a fan that still oscillates for a while even after you unplug it) - I realized I wasn't really sad. I was liberated - and terribly proud of myself. My inner voice just kept telling me that it is never wrong to share love and my small self can't seem to come up with any strong arguments against that (surprising!). I am very pleased with the outcome and pleased that he knows I love him without any strings attached - it just is...and I couldn't be happier.

So...thanks Lola for the book...and much love to everyone.

Sweet Dreams!" (A member of the online course.)

Dear ______,

You don't need any of what I'm about to say. You've got it! I'm just adding this for teaching purposes for all who read it who haven't had this particular liberation yet.

Isn't it interesting that in the old reality, his response would have been important. You would have called it "success" if his response matched your expectation and "failure" if it didn't.

In the new reality you call it success that your inner balance and centeredness is now in your control. That's the real prize. Your self worth is the other real prize. I don't know how your relationship will work out. What I'm so happy about is that you will be fine.... no, make that wonderful... no matter how this or any relationship goes. That's freedom.

And... coughing up hairballs are just signs that:
a. you have gotten slightly out of alignment with your Large Self, and/or
b. some old vibration is moving (yay!).... and moving means it's speeding up, going back up to the top of the scale where it feels better and where your Large Self is.

I use the term hairball to get people to laugh at it instead of being so darn serious.
But soon you can graduate to just feeling whatever is..... no judgment of it, no expectation that it should ever stop.

You want to feel the negative emotions. You always want your instrument panel to read correctly when something is "off" kilter.... when you are not COMPLETELY aligned with your Large Self. How else would you navigate back home?

Your WANT the red light to come on when the oil is low.

I often joke now that I'm happier and more powerful on my worst day now than I used to be on my best day years ago. Years ago my good days had too much to do with how things were going "out there". If i didn't feel perfect, I thought there was something to be fixed. Now it's OK even to be "not feeling perfect". At least I know where I am and which way is up.

Of course it still feels good to have things go smooth, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. With lack of resistance, it gets smooth again faster!

The center of power is within, and whatever is happening in this physical world is just an ephemeral, beautiful, passing phenomenon.

Don't like it? It will pass. Do like it...... lol....... that will pass too!!!

And back to your original comment..... you got it exactly! The old slower vibration that you practiced so long did manifest. You even attracted a man that holds back his expressions of love! How perfect is that? But now even that is passing! The new experiences you attract will reflect this new, centered, grounded, loving being that you now know you are.

Things are going to evolve very quickly.

Ah, I can't express how wonderful this is.


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