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How to Release Resistance, Tension, and Stress

First, stop making resistance wrong. We'll all have some resistance as long as we're in physical bodies, so let's relax about it. Your legs have to be in some resistance to gravity to hold you up and walk--we just need to let it go when we are at rest--and we often don't. We hold tensions we don't need anymore. Give resistance some respect.

When we can feel things in our bodies, we can use the information in a more practical way than if we just "think about it." For example, take the word "resistance." What does it really mean, and how can we get a tangible handle on it instead of having it be a nebulous, abstract concept? Sure, we know we don't want it, but how can we more easily identify it and let go of it?

Turn off the judgement meter and don't fight resistance.

Resistance is useful, even when it's negative because it eventually causes us to move--it's one of the mechanisms of evolution. Just appreciating it softens it, and makes it easier to use it to expand and evolve. Don't add resistance to resistance while attempting to get free of resistance.

Don't resist your resistance.

Now, with that softening and acceptance accomplished, how do we identify resistance in a way that helps us release it? How does resistance manifest in the body--how does it feel?

Resistance usually feels like either tension or torpor.

You know what tension is, whether mental, emotional, or physical. For practical purposes, tension physically prevents flow of energy, blood, and oxygen, and energetically, it lowers vibration. Tension contracts tissues, then it's harder for bliss to flow through the body as is natural.

Torpor is a state of physical or mental inactivity, lethargy, stiffness, stagnation, stubborn refusal to change, or numbness. It too slows down energy flow due to sheer lack of vitality.

What does lowered resistance feel like? It feels alive, flowing, energized, tingly, warm, or light. But let's not just talk about it, let's do it!

The Body Scan

Tension and torpor can be felt anywhere in the body by using a simple Body Scan. Lately I've been talking about this body scan as another dial, another reading on your Instrument Panel. While the Instrument Panel gives you an emotional reading, the Body Scan gives a much more physical reading.

Imagine your own hand is like the hand held scanners they wave up and down your body in the airport security area, but make the scan much slower, taking a few minutes to scan your whole body at first. You'll do it MUCH faster later. Because I want people to become their own healers and soothers, I guide people to do scans of their own bodies. They find that relief often begins during the scan, because your focus and attention are quite powerful.

The power emitted from your own hand chakra is substantial, and by scanning with acceptance and compassion, without judgement, you're already starting the release of the resistance just by noticing it and giving your body the attention it's been asking for. Then you use a simple technique called microtensing to gently wake up that area and restore flow.

The audios and videos in Portal 1 guide you through the body scan to help you make it a pleasurable "constant awareness" habit.


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