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FREE 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge--Do It Anytime!

with Lola Jones

The complete Witnessing Challenge How-To's are now in Portal 5: The Mastery Course!

Enjoy this free preview!

Lola is writing about witnessing in much more detail in her NEW book about Portals 4 and 5, out sometime in 2020!

Hi All!

You're well aware by now that when you do your 10%, Grace compounds it and does 90%.

This 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge is FUN, FULFILLING, and NO work at all.

You're already thinking thoughts all day long, so this challenge will just help you be make the most of it.

And it goes much deeper.

You'll slowly, gently become mindful of things you've never noticed before.

It's too easy to let your mind lead you where it wants to go.

And it's so easy to train it to be your helpful servant. Get ready for a fun, fulfilling, and enlightening 21 days!

  • Your vibrational set point rises. This is everything!
  • Life progress accelerates.
  • Blind spots dissolve.
  • Unwanted manifestations fade.
  • Wanted manifestations, intentions, healing, etc. increase.

How much time does it take?

  • It takes zero time to be more mindful--you're already thinking all the time--might as well have it work for you, not against you.
  • To get the max, we do recommend you take 5 minutes per day to rave, share, and seal in your benefits on the Forum. If you miss a day or so, you're still getting benefit.
  • Remember, witnessing is NOT WORK--it transforms you effortlessly!
  • Do your small 10% -- Grace does 90%.

Why Witness?

  • Opens you to immediately increase your self-awareness and choice.
  • Reduces blind spots and zaps unconsciousness.
  • Trains you into your wise, compassionate, Large Self perspective.
  • You can see your strengths and weaknesses honestly, but compassionately, without making yourself bad or wrong.
  • Your vibration instantly and automatically rises.
  • Builds clarity over time and becomes a good habit.

Here's how it works. So simple:

  • Commit to enjoy the practice.
  • Witness yourself many times every day. Lola tells you how below.
  • Site members, share the miraculous (and challenging) things that happen on our Forum. Enjoy community, inspire others, or ask for support there.
  • Lola will post helpful insights and tips for you under this thread on the Forum: The Living Large 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge. Read those to get tips to enhance your experience.


  • All are welcome--it's free through Feb 2019.
  • Anyone can READ the Forum posts and get inspiration, but ONLY those with an Account on our site can POST. (Keeps distractions, ads, and spam off our Forum.)
  • If you should have access to the Forum but don't, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she'll get you in.
  • You need Lola's foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence for this to work as it's supposed to. The enlightenment initiations in the book really do open you to witness from your Large Self.
  • Join a course to accelerate your growth, plus get immediate access to the Forum.
  • Get Lola's 2nd foundational book when you finish the first book. It's Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention. We'll use it often in the Challenge.

Here We Go!

As you lightly learn to do your 10%, the conscious mind piece, witnessing yourself makes a huge difference.

Witnessing is just observing yourself objectively, being mindful of what you think, say, feel and do.

What you think, say, feel and do determine how you vibrate.

And how you vibrate creates most of your reality.

Witnessing is an advanced form of mindfulness that puts you in Large Self state.

Get Started:

  • We'll practice witnessing in five stages. Each one goes deeper.
  • Do not skip a step, please.
  • No making anything you witness wrong. No trying to change it!
  • Just watch and let witnessing work its magic.

I'll give much more detail for each stage in my new book (out sometime in 2019.) The advanced material on witnessing is also in Portal 5: The Mastery Course, if you're a member.

To join Mastery (if you've already registered for Portals 1 through 4) click here.

How to witness:

  1. Stage 1, witness your body sensations. Start when you wake up. Notice lightly if you are hot, cold, shaky, strong, pain, in ease, tension, relaxation, feeling heavy or light... any physical sensation. Do this for a few days till it feels easy.
  2. Stage 2, witness your emotions. Moment to moment, watch them flow: happy, sad, frustrated, love, anger, fear, joy, bliss, depressed. No judgment and no effort to change it! Do this for a few days till it feels easy.
  3. Stage 3, witness your thoughts as they float by. No judgment, just compassionate observation, like your Large Self does. Do this for a few days till it feels easy.
  4. Stage 4, witness yourself witnessing. This is more advanced, so get there when you can, no rush--you can take much longer than 21 days! Your Large Self does this all of the time! If this feels too difficult, go back to the first three stages for a while and try again later.
  5. Stage 5, witness the eternal, Non-Physical part of you that is not fully in physical incarnation with you. You're witnessing beyond the physical senses because what you're witnessing isn't physical. Intent to use Direct Knowing. The senses always filter out things. Here there is less filter, as your mind is willing and ready to allow it.

The "challenge" is simply to witness as much as you can, and watch what happens.

There is no goal, so there is no way to fail at this challenge.

There will be a tipping point where things shift, and it might even be after the challenge is over, when you're not so attached to results, and so have forgotten about it!

Practice now, then GO TO THE FORUM and share your experience!

We have an ongoing dialog there.

Ease and awareness,


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