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Focus is the Key to Manifesting What You Want (and Banishing Angst and Complaining)

Ban Complaining & Banish Angst

Raise Vibration, Create What you want

by Lola Jones


I have a gift for you: this really FUN video that goes way deeper than this article. You'll love the real life examples, solutions, and the game we make of it. (It's from last week's Portal 1 Members-only FREE webinars, so you get a sneak peek of Portal 1 too!)

My good friend and German admin Gabi shared with me an article about German angst, and suggested a newsletter and blog about it from a Divine Openings perspective.

Yes, the two World Wars compounded the angst that was passed down to Germans. The good news is anyone CAN overcome it when you consistently use your Divine Openings tools.

My husband Scott added, "You and I and your students create our own vibration, our own reality, but people worldwide are having worrisome or fearful thoughts right now." So here we go!

Most of you know how absolutely critical it is to manage your focus and not feed your energy to what is wrong. Yet almost irresistible temptations abound, and even the masters need to revisit the basics, so here we go. 

Your FOCUS is powerful and because you make Free Will choices daily, you never outgrow the need for this! 

One German researcher said: "The economy is healthy... Germans work considerably less hours per year compared to almost any other nation... this should be a workers’ paradise... still, 50% of the population frequently complains about how things are."

"Feeling overly stressed at work when we really live in a sort of land of milk and honey seems like a relative of “German Angst” or “Weltschmerz”, said Dr. Rico Rose of Germany. 

Complaining! It's actually an international pastime. 

If you always witnessed your words consciously, and paid attention to the feelings words create, you'd feel how bad complaining feels... 
you'd notice how it crashes your vibration... 

...you would never complain! Or you'd make it super short and flip it quickly to "What do I want?" But people have become numb to how it makes them feel. They're NOT witnessing their thoughts and feelings. (The Portals teach witnessing in great depth.)

I know - complaining is tempting! We look for things to agree about to bond with others over, and complaining is a sure-fire way to connect with others. 

Everyone commiserates. That is co-misery. You know the saying "misery loves company." Yes, you both nosedive but at least you're not lonely down there???

Because the mind is a Wrong-Seeking-Missile, complaining is like crack for the mind. 🤣 Except you never run out - there's an endless supply. It gets sympathy every time, everyone feels validated and justified, because everyone can easily agree how bad it is. It feels like being part of the gang. 

Only problem is: complaining creates more to complain about.

Bottom line? Complaining is being lazy and careless with your focus. Your focus is as powerful as a laser beam that cuts through metal. Would you be careless with that?  

How we vibrate and what we create is all about managing our attention, and focus. Maybe German culture does lean towards “loving the negative”, suspicion of positivity, and over-anxiousness. All humans have the same challenges in focusing! 

Our primitive survival self screams, "Being happy and positive are irresponsible!!! You must focus on what could go wrong in every moment to head off all those disasters, to survive."

Because the primitive brain is wired for survival (not bliss) our thoughts can easily default to, "What's WRONG? Who's to blame? How do I fix it? How do I heal this? How do I escape it? Why am I so unhappy?"  

Don't ignore "what is" and "what was" - that would be a spiritual bypass. and manifests weird things that make us wonder "how the heck did that happen?" 

You can't control "what is or was" for now - so turn to "what do I want?"

🔍 The Key Steps:

~ Witness your thoughts and stop "feeding the monster" - stop giving power to the scary stories and complaints that feed low vibrations and grow angst, fear, and unhappiness. 

When you stop feeding your energy to the old story, and shift focus to what you want, you feed energy to what you want.

I can't control or change "what was" and "what is" so I allow and accept them (even if I do not like them). I unplug from it. Now I'm free to move on.

 I CAN control my focus. I focus on what I want. That aligns me with it.

Right now, take this precious moment to jot down the answer to my all-time favorite Effective Question (In depth EQ how-to's are in Portal 2): 

                      🔍   "What do you want?" 

Then answer these: 

How will I feel when I have it? Generate that feeling NOW - feed that feeling - it manifests what's next. Feeling the lack of it holds me apart from it. Focusing the wrongness of "what is" or "what was" sucks away my power. 

How can I practice focusing on general thoughts that feel yummy until it replaces any old vibrational habits of angst or complaining? Then "possibility thinking" becomes my new habit, my new natural mindset.

It takes humor, practice, skill, and creativity to navigate around complaining without making people think you don't care, but you CAN do it, and it's a really fun game. 

An inspiring email from a master focuser:

"Divine Openings just feels sooooooo good! I love how juicy, vivid, sparkling and exciting my life got. Sometimes I feel like the rock in the middle of a storm. Everybody around struggles, fights and keeps their stories running. Incredible! And I LOVE just to lift them, without saying anything. And I love to teach Divine Openings to my little one!! That's the future!

I tell ya THAT'S the way to world peace!! :-) I have a friend who always says: "If I would be king, things would be different..." Ha ha ha ha! So If I would be queen - I would get your book in each household WORLDWIDE!!!" Andrea B

Love and FOCUS, 🔍

Lola Jones

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