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Fine Line Between Getting Spiritual Help and Giving Power Away

Fine Line Between Getting Spiritual Help and Giving Power Away

Grace does things for us we cannot even do for ourselves. My life and many of yours changed forever when we accepted the gift of that Grace, got out of the way, and let it in.

There are people who can help you on your sojourn on Earth. I am one of those. There are books that can help you. Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting, as you know, is one of those books that completely changes lives through Grace.

Then in your spiritual maturation a next step is to notice when you're appropriately allowing in help, and when you're leaning on it too much. Even The Presence wouldn't want to "do it all for you," but wants you to become more powerful and wise.

Those looking for the teacher/healer/counselor to "save them" or "make it all go away" must commit to building their own inner knowing of The Presence. Meditate, sit in silence, sing, chant, dance more to tap into that. I've experienced times when physical healings didn't work for me until I changed something I was doing or thinking (and so got out of the way.)

If I could give you the magic formula for when that line between letting in help and giving away your power is crossed, I would, but I can't. It's a matter of tapping inside and feeling it for yourself. You could be going along letting in help and it's perfect, then you reach a point where you need to shift gears, tap in deeply, and get the next step from within.

Just like you physical mothers need to recognize that point where "helping" your children is actually crippling them and preventing them from finding the strength and power of their own wings, even when it means faltering first.

I must practice that discernment too. I have so much to give, and I want to give so much, but I must feel when I'm "over-helping," even on the Non-Physical planes. If I don't catch and remedy that, it affects my physical body.

Ask yourself:

  • "Did the help I gave leave them more powerful and in touch with their own inner wisdom, or did it make them more dependent on me? Do they have to keep coming to me for answers or are they learning to find their own?"
  • "Did the help I received leave me more in touch with my own inner power, or did it make me more dependent on the other? Do I need to go to them for answers all the time?"

All the resources to develop this wisdom and power are available in our offerings here at www.DivineOpenings.com.

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You can always come back to your earthly teacher when you need or want to, even after your own power is developed.
We're always here for a tune up.
But my greatest joy is for you to find your own wings, and soar by occasionally to play, appreciate, or say hello.

With All Divine Mother Love,
Lola Jones

A Divine Mother Hug for you.

Gaze at the picture for a minute or two, and then lie down and go inside to the Divine Mother within you.
Relax into her arms.

Or it may be the Divine Mother/Father you want to tap into today.
There really is no separation, but we often yearn for and relate to the nurturing the Divine Mother evokes.

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