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Expanding even more, losing a lifelong fear without working on it

Liz came to the 5 Day Silent Retreat already a happy, successful, high-vibration person, just wanting to treat herself to some quality time with The Presence, to deepen, and to be open for whatever Grace had to offer. The blessings are sometimes asked for and sometimes unexpected. To her complete surprise, Liz mysteriously lost a lifelong fear of horses, a remnant of a childhood accident.

We don't orchestrate or require any interaction with the horses, but many people in this group just chose to hang out with them during free time, and the horses loved it. Eden, who was a wild horse on the Utah range until she was 9 months old, wants to be close, touch, and sniff people endlessly, and by the looks of this picture, Liz loves it too now! The horses really earned their hay this retreat, as many people reported big Openings from being with them. And let's not forget my Main Divine Assistant, Honey, whose very presence and love graces all.

As with everything that happens in this retreat, we didn't work on or even talk about anyone's childhood trauma or history, yet transformation happened. We bask in this Grace vortex and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. I often don't even know what internal and private breakthroughs people are having until they tell me later, and it keeps unfolding forever so I'm never up to date with everyone. Well, as my book title says, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. I love my job!

Liz will add her own comments about her retreat experience when I tell her this post is up.



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