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Expanded Perspective on Death - English/German

Expanded Perspective on Death - English/German

05/29/2020 - 23:31 Submitted by Lola Jones

An Expanded Perspective on Death - English/German

Hi Loves, 

This advanced, expanded perspective on death comes from my own guidance and experience. In addition to the video, there's an audio for you below, from a live webinar we did today. 

I offer this with compassion for all the pain and suffering that can occur in this life. In no way do I wish to negate feelings - please flow those feelings - but I can provide some soothing.

If you hear this only with your brain, it's less powerful. If you allow it to wash through your own Large-Self awareness, it's profoundly freeing.

I came to death's door one day 12 years ago, and in that moment realized with total calm (and a tiny smile of surprise) that I was okay with staying or going. 

It was as neutral as looking at two doors and thinking,
"Stay or go - either door is good." 

There's a freedom in transcending fear of death. 
It actually frees you to live.
Afterward I experienced more causeless bliss.

Nature demands that natural transition for all of us, so that physical life on Earth is recycled fresh, vital, and enthusiastic. Forget the fountain of youth. We have the fountain of ever-renewing life.

If you are ready for this perspective, wonderful, and if not, that's fine too.
A seed is planted that can flower later, hopefully direct from your own Large Self.

My Large Self tells me in its silent voice that people never die accidentally. They only die unconscious of their life plan in the larger perspective.
Most people don't want to know when they'll pass, so it's a handy blind spot.

Some people, as you've noticed, do know.

There is no right or wrong about knowing or not knowing. 

Our Large Self knows when we will die. It may plan the day, or it may leave some choices to our smaller, human self, a combination of destiny and free will. 

I'll bet you've said before, "It's as if he's rushing his own death." 

Nature endows the body with its own desire to live, independent of its owner! There are so many variables.

Chat with your Large Self about this. 

Ask for insight. You'll get it to the degree you're tapped in, and can allow it.

Some beings come in deliberately planning to die early, as some babies do. Only that short experience was desired. It's happy with that. It isn't wrong.

We can have compassion for the parents' grief if they are not aware of this.

Feel if it's appropriate to say what you know. 

People do prefer for their death to mean something, to make a difference, and will even die for a good cause. It is very frustrating when many die for a cause, and change still doesn't come. 

Still, in the big picture, all is well.

And in the biggest, longest picture, we are patient. Our Large Selves measure evolution in millions of years, and even multi-dimensionally, non-linearly, beyond time.

We want it in days. 

It is possible to be conscious of the spirit gradually withdrawing its passion from physical life as you age. 

You are living and dying in many lives at this moment. But it won't help you one bit to explore any of that unless you're pretty stable in your foundation. That's why I don't talk about it until Portal 4: Jumping the Matrix. 

Divine Openings gets you real, grounded, and succeeding in this life first.
I've never been a fan of airy fairy stuff. 

Read this with a big smile: I would be seriously negligent if I asked people to focus on advanced metaphysics when they still hate their mother, or feel like a victim, or can't pay their bills! 

They might actually get worse. There's no shortcut to spiritual maturity.

We'll enjoy alternate realities and other intriguing advanced topics on the Portal 4 Webinar on June 12. Details below.

Dedicated to your fulfillment,

Lola Jones

This audio: Expanded Perspective on Death, expands a bit on the article. Enjoy it and be soothed and expanded.


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