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Enlightenment and Entrainment - It's Those Darned Other PEOPLE!

People sometimes say, "Since Divine Openings, I could stay high all the time if I were all alone, but it's those darned other people that bring me down!" I laugh, "Tell me about it! I work with so many in the physical and non-physical, I too must pay attention that I'm staying in MY vibration, and not slipping into theirs. It's a truly worthy challenge."

There is no easy trick to this, because we have free will, and although The Presence always calls us to the party, it won't stop us if we wander off into the ditch instead. I often say that Grace does 90% of it all, and our 10% is mostly to stay awake!

There's a principle called entrainment that causes nearby objects to pick up each others' vibrations. If you hit one tuning fork the other will begin to vibrate too. When a speaker box vibrates, it vibrates the water glass sitting on top of it and makes the water ripple.

It happens with people too. People tend to entrain each other to match their own vibration.

Here's a rule of thumb: the most powerful person in any interaction will determine the direction it goes, or set the tone of the vibrational atmosphere. Did you bring the negative person up or at least keep yourself up? Or did they entrain you downward? Did the salesman or the spouse or the friend or society's expectations entrain you into doing something you didn't really want?

A good rough estimate of your true vibration and your enlightenment is how much the closest people to you are en-lightening with no effort from you. You're not even saying anything, and they are waking up and getting happier, or more loving or prosperous.


You mean if the negative person is more powerfully committed to their agenda than I am to mine, they're more powerful? Yes, I didn't say "the most good" I said "the most powerful."

Another type of example: If my vibration coming from my core, my Large Self, is not as strong as some person's vibration who says I should buy this bogus used car or investment, I will not feel my Large Self saying, "Don't buy it."

I will end up with something I don't want. This is how we get brainwashed. Someone else's vibration is stronger (not higher or better!) than ours!

Whoa again!

Now what if it's not a car or investment, but an attitude, a mood, a vibration, an important life value. Will my vibration be stronger and more potent than theirs? Who will influence who more?

Big power and big responsibility go together for us.

Play around with this. Just like you used to note where you are on the Instrument Panel, now play with noticing how you're vibrating before and after interactions with different people who aren't vibrating the same as you. Notice what happens when you're with both high and lower vibration people. Did you cause them to resonate a little bit more like your frequency, or did they attune you a little bit more toward theirs?

It's just practice and awareness, that's all.

It's a worthy challenge.
You came here for cool things like that.

Now, everyone gets entrained downward sometimes, even Jesus, the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela did at times. Mother Teresa struggled with it mightily and no one knew till after her death.

So here's what to do, especially if you work with, help, or counsel a lot of people:

  • You can take steady deep breaths even if you're right in front of them.
  • A few minutes of fire breath or kundalini once or twice a day is a must for those who work with low vibration people or counsel others.
  • Chant your way up the Instrument Panel. Chanting is particularly positively entraining, that's why we do it in the retreats.
  • Dance, sing out loud, or laugh till your belly feels worked out.
  • Movement is essential if the vibration has gotten deep into your cells. You can't mentally change that very easily -- you MUST do your body a big favor and "blow it out!!!"
  • Prostrate after it's over and give it to The Presence.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Rave a lot.
  • Don't allow yourself to think about other people's problems once you walk away.
  • Say to yourself, "Nothing is more important than keeping my vibration up! My quality of life depends on it."
  • Ask yourself Effective Questions (from Level 2 Online Retreat and my book Watch Where You Point That Thing.)
  • Hot luxurious baths where I imagine myself bathing in Grace works for me! Bath salts and scents increase the pleasure.
  • Add your own Divinely inspired ideas. What raises your vibration?
  • Make your own list and post it at your desk.


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