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Ask your dead relatives for help. They know EVERYTHING now!

Let me inspire you to ask your dead relatives for help.

Yes, really.

They know everything!

My fiance Scott's been in bed for a week with a severe bug, so his mind has been on a magical mystery tour all over the Universe. He feels it's a cleanout that's been needed, and perfect.

Before we get up, we always spend our mornings meditating together, sharing what we just dreamed, or musing before beginning a fresh new day.

This morning he said, "I keep getting this vision that my mom and your dad conspired to get us together."
His mom and my dad have been in the Non-Physical for many years before Scott and I met.

My head whipped around to look at him and my jaw dropped.
Tears formed in my eyes.

"Scott, I never told you this before! Right before I met you, I talked to my dad. Deep, deep emotion was gushing out of me, and I had the irresistible urge to implore him: Dad, please help me! While I know it's been perfect till now, I want to move past this serial monogamy thing--but it's all I know. I want a long-lasting partnership now, and you know better than I do who would be right for me. YOU know how to do this and I don't! Please help me!

My dad and mom were together for 55 years.

Tears streamed as I felt my sweet Daddy respond to my cry for help with big energy, and with a sigh, a huge weight lifted off my heart. I savored that bittersweet feeling all day long, and then let it go... and got out of the way.

A new enthusiasm for dating came over me out of the blue--where before it had started feeling like work. I continued to date, which was my 10% to do, leaving the other 90% for Dad and Grace and The Presence to do."

Dad was not spiritual or metaphysical back then.
but ha ha, he IS NOW!

When Scott contacted me online a couple weeks later, at first I thought he was too good to be true, and his Boston accent sorta threw me. He told me on the phone before we met, "I'll open you up like you open other people up." My response was a chuckle and, "Great, bring it on!"

He said I was the one he'd been looking for for 30 years, and I thought, "Hmmm.... we'll see."

me scott first picsAs time went by, I did see.

His energy is as big and powerful as mine--that was a dating first!

He opened me up, and I was even more ecstatic at that!

Dad found me a man with some things I hadn't even thought to desire, and made me recognize someone different than I expected.

OMG, I just noticed the similarity in these two pictures! Look at those protective arms. I'm tearing up again!

While you might not expect it from a manly type guy, he's tuned in to his inner self, meditates, self-heals, all since age nine. His mother helped him cultivate it. He's intuitive, reads me like a book, and is kind, sensual, hilariously funny (I LOVE THAT!) His greatest joy is making me happy--just like Dad. Scott left everything in L.A., moved to little Ojai to be with me, and started his work over from scratch here. Good job, Dad!

Both of us had been unmarried for 30 years, neither of us thinking we'd marry again. But after ten months--he called it our ten year anniversary and brought me flowers--he asked me to marry him. For the first time, I could say I could commit for life, and I said yes.

"Thank you, Dad," I smiled this morning, as Scott and I radiated waves of appreciation to our Non-Physical parental co-conspirators.

Turning to Scott again I added, "Remember after we'd dated a while I told you I could feel your mother adores me?"

He smiled. "She made sure I knew you were it."

So here's my invitation for you:

Ask someone special who's passed on to help you with something they knew, were good at, or had a good vibration about. You'll just know who to ask. They know things now that they didn't when they were physical.

If there is no such person, ask a dead person you didn't know but for whom you can get a big, big feeling going.

Or put it to Dream Assignment and see who comes into your dreams.

Ha ha, sometimes it's me.

Put all your heart, body, mind, and soul into the request.
Feel it answered and DONE.

Smile or cry or dance and appreciate them in advance.
And then forget about it and do your 10%.

Go about your life, taking the mundane steps, doing your 10% with a light heart and an unburdened mind.

Be sure to thank them when it happens. I had already thanked Dad months ago, but Scott's realization just added joy to the mix.

Loving you dearly,

PS - Do you ever watch Long Island Medium on TV? Theresa's so real and has remained totally herself. We love it.
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