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Enlightenment and relationships, work life balance book

Read this new book, The Three Marriages, by David Whyte, a very wise and enlightened poet. David doesn't teach spirituality, he lives it, radiates it, and evokes it. David's speaking is so profound that corporations bring him in to speak spontaneously, and perform his poetry live. As I read on farther in my spare "veg out" moments, I find it a mix of high inspiration and deep dark lows. I love the way he embraces all of life, the light, the dark.... but he gets a little too focused on life's hardships at times.... you Divine Openings lovelies will know how to filter that for yourself!

Just a few of my favorite quotes so far from The Three Marriages:

All of our great contemplative traditions advocate the necessity for silence in an individual's life; first, for gaining a sense of discernment amid the noise and haste, second, as a basic building block of individual happiness, and third, to let this other all-seeing identity come to life and find its voice inside us.

In the Buddhist tradition the ability to be happy is often translated into English as "equanimity," roughly meaning "to be equal to things, to be large enough for the drama in which we find ourselves."

Existence opens: "Thank you," we say, "but I don't have time. Please give it to me in three bullet points that I can look at later, when I get a moment, when I retire...." ... the gift of seeing that reality is often the last thing in the world we want.

Dogen Zenji (his teacher) a formidable Japanese master said, "If you go out and confirm the ten thousand things, this is delusion; if you let the ten thousand things come and confirm you, this is enlightenment."

Life comes to find us as much as we go to find it. Following this path through increasing levels... we reach a certain threshold where our freedom to choose seems to disappear and is repalce by an understanding that we were made for the world in a very particular way and that this way of being is at bottom nonnegotiable. Like the mountain or sky, it just IS. It is as if we choose and choose until there is actually no choice at all.

You will love this deeply felt book. Love, Lola

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