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Endless Expansion

With Divine Openings, a New Year may not be about resolutions, because we've been committed to ongoing evolution all along.

When I first met Scott he said, "I'm endless." I gave him a sterling silver infinity pendant. I signed up for "endless" with him almost five years ago, and he has been true to his words. We are endless. Evolution is every day, every week.

Then we had Divine Openings pendants made from our logo, and the happy figure's legs form an infinity sign. How perfect is that?

Scott never takes his off. We had run out, but now we have more pendants.

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Our New Year will be a celebration of a year lived well, intentions realized, 
challenges resolved, contrasts that brought gifts. Anticipation of a fresh new year... new possibilities.

I'll rave about the many website volunteers who put so much care and passion into the German translations (and who said they got so much from being in that energy.) And our regular team, who does such good work.

We're hoping to launch the new website Jan 15. It is worthy of the year(+) it took to create it. Gorgeous, crystal clear, glowing with Divine Energy.

You could make a vision board to get your senses juiced up as you set your 2020 intentions. Do it for fun, curiosity, sheer possibility.

For inspiration let me show you the vision board I made in about 2004. I used paper cut from magazines. No words, just powerful images. Now it's one of my poster art pieces: Shattered Heart. It's about letting your heart burst out of its bounds, so it can expand. And it did.

The green rectangles symbolized money. Now money is a non-issue. 

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Endless Expansion

At this New Year's Eve celebration, we'll rave that by living in the flow, right now, as our Large Selves, all is well.

We'll take frequent moments to focus on the Non-Physical, to remember what is real, to tap into the Source of that flow.

Here's to your best year ever!

Lola, Scott, Sophie the pup and the Divine Openings Team

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