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Ending the Year with Appreciation ~ Powerful NEW Creations for Next Year

by Lola Jones
In this article:

  1. Do rituals have power?

  2. Inspiration for rituals to do at home.

  3. The Endings 2016 and Beginnings 2017 Ritual. Let's fully complete 2016 and create 2017 more powerfully than ever!

1. Do rituals have power?

I don't give power away to rituals. You and I bring the power to the ritual--it isn't the ritual or the trappings of it that bring power to us. We don't need rituals or crutches. For example, The Presence doesn't withhold money because we didn't burn a red candle and chant the right mantra. You don't need your magic eagle feather or crystal to create a miracle. Some people will tell you there's one magic ritual you must do to create something you want. That's not true, and the only reason it might work at times is that you focused YOUR power. You can create with no props and rituals.

 You don't need your magic eagle feather or crystal to create a miracle. The only reason that might work at times is that you focused YOUR power. You can create with no props and rituals.

Rituals are one way to focus your enormous power--just don't give the ritual the power--the power comes from you and The Presence. So with that qualifier in place, I recognize we have a dearth of meaningful rituals in our society. We have some holidays, but how meaningful are they? Do we really stop or even slow down enough to dive into the richness and depth of them? Have commercial interests dominated and overshadowed their power and beauty? Are they more of an empty chore than a elevating, spirit-soaring landmark in your year?

We can create truly meaningful milestones and raves, rituals and celebrations.

While it's not something you can create at home, just to share, my favorite ritual in the world is the initiation at the end of the 5 Day Silent Retreat. It's something people remember for the rest of their lives. I've led forty such events now. I put an energy and intention into the initiation that  plays out uniquely and intimately for each person receiving it one-on-one from me. 


Those several minutes I spend with each person at the culmination of those five days ranges from deeply emotional and expansive for them... to cosmic. They say it is most often indescribable, defying words. Something inside them awakens to a deeper level, DNA activates, what's beyond the physical world is seen, felt, or known more clearly, and new beginnings are birthed that continue to unfold long after the event.


The ritual isn't where the power is. I change it all the time, and that ritual and its trappings is just one form it can occur in. The Presence brings the energy and power and I get in a state to be a good vehicle for it. 

  See more on the retreats.


2. Ideas for rituals you can do at home

And inspiration to create your own:

 My favorite rituals feel like raves and celebrations.
~ My love Scott celebrates our anniversary every month! He calls every month a year, and we find that especially meaningful because we met later in life. It always brings a smile when he says, "Today is ...what? It's our twenty-first anniversary. My how time flies!" He'll often rave about how we've evolved or some milestone we've hit.
~ Tantric sex can be a lovely, quiet, deep ritual. Simply by meditating for ten minutes while hugging, toning together, or breathing together lying in bed you create a blissful electric flow. That could evolve into hours of lovemaking if you both feel it, or the savoring of that subtle state can truly be enough in itself. More about Tantra: The Art of Love and Sex Online. It's being translated to German now!
~ Another ritual my love and I enjoy is closing our eyes and holding hands at the table after a meal. It just happens naturally, making the moment more special rather than rushing away from the meal. His hand takes mine, and it lasts until it's done. When I open my eyes, colors are brighter, the energy is soft.
~ Slowly savor writing hand written cards or notes to those who have been particularly inspiring or helpful to us in the previous year. Emails are not so meaningful anymore due to their massive numbers and association with "work," so the recipient pauses to appreciate this very special tribute, and may stand it on their desk to enjoy again and again. A card for no other reason than appreciation! Wow!

Now your your creativity is stimulated to add celebrations to your life and mark special moments.
Now for the best part.

3. appreciation leads to better New Beginnings.

Take out your beautiful, fresh, new  journal or rave book, or print this part out.

Choose a special, pleasurable place to sit (like my gazebo in the picture.) Take big soothing deep breaths, and answer the following with mindfulness. Or post yours on the Forum if you're a course member!


End the Year with Raves, our word for lavish appreciation

  1. What was your greatest joy last year? 

  2. What was your biggest breakthrough last year?

  3. What are you most proud of yourself about for last year?

  4. What was the most important, wise, or inspired decision you made last year? 

  5. What one word or short phrase best sums up your last year's experience?  If this is not a high vibration word, please find a way to soften it. Don't label the year (or anything!) in low vibration complaint/victim mode. That will follow you into next year and you don't want that. For example: change "worry" to "loving concern." Change "year of challenge" to "year of clarifying contrast." Feel the energy shift.

  6. What was the greatest thing you learned or expanded into last year?   

  7. What big thing did not get completed as planned last year? 

  8. What did get completed last year? 

  9. Which three people made the biggest difference in your life last year? 

  10. What was the biggest step out of your comfort zone that you took last year? 

  11. What was the biggest surprise person, place, or thing last year for you?

  12. How did your relationships evolve last year? 

  13. What was the most loving act or service you performed last year?

  14. What appreciation do you wish had been given you in 2016?  Give it to yourself now. If you like, you can imagine people saying it to you, but it's more powerful and meaningful when you say it to yourself. You thus see that no one can withhold it from you unless you withhold it from you.

  15. Who do you wish you'd expressed more appreciation to last year?  Pick up the phone or write those cards now!

  16. What else do you need to do, feel, or say to leave last year in a great vibration?

New Beginnings                                                                                                                                                         

  1. What do you want to feel more of next year?

  2. Imagine a big goal being achieved next year. Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW. This helps you create it more easily because you're vibrationally already there.

  3. What advice would your future self (who has already been there) give you next year? 

  4. How will you improve your financial allowing next year? Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW.

  5. What would feel best to finally accomplish next year?  Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW.

  6. What major pleasures and indulgences are you willing to let in next year?  Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW.

  7. How would you most like to evolve your self next year?  Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW.

  8. What limiting condition or belief will you let go of next year? Remember to retrieve any power you've given away to scary stories, politics, others, etc. Feel that power returning to your body NOW.

  9. What do you think your biggest challenge might be next year?  Imagine yourself allowing the people, solutions, and resources to begin flowing with ease NOW. Imagine how it will expand you and evolve you to move through this!

  10. What about your work are you willing to appreciate more next year? 

  11. What talent will you delightfully unfold next year?  Stop, slow down, breathe, and feel that feeling NOW.

  12. What brings you the most joy, laughter, and fulfillment, and how much more of that will you allow to be yours next year? 

  13. Who or what are you most committed to loving and serving next year? 

  14. What one word would you like to have as your theme next year?

  15. What is your mantra (a powerful, inspiring phrase) next year? Mine is "I am more than I know." I don't know why--it just came to me, and it feels good.

Love and a Happy New Year  from all of us at Divine Openings

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