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Ease and Grace Doesn't Mean "No Work"

Sometimes people say they want everything with no work.
Fame, fortune, build an orphanage, get a Grammy, make a difference... by sitting and intending.

They're missing the point.

Sure the intention is the seed of it. But the work is the journey, work is fabulous, work is enlivening and rejuvenating. Work keeps us flowing and moving.

Work revs up the energy, and that's when things roll. Talk is cheap. Work demonstrates commitment and focus that won't quit. Lovingly rebuilding this website, which took from April to December, far longer than we thought, caused us to build some whole new brain pathways. There were times our neurons were smoking! But oh, the pride of accomplishment when we figured each challenge out. When I could tell the webmaster "Never mind, I figured that out and fixed it myself" I was flying high!

It took a lot of lovely, exhilarating, joyful work to create a website with many thousands of pages, and complex functions that must all coordinate and work together (and I'm never done with it and don't ever want to be.) By sheer determination and unwillingness to give up, late some nights when the webmaster was unavailable, I even ventured into some html a few times, and it isn't as terrifying as I thought. I'm getting more and more brave.

Necessity, that mother****** of invention had me cussing her a few times, but now I love her. People think I must float on a cloud and flowers and puppies rain on me. Well, that's true sometimes, but sometimes it's raining emails, website errors, and there's a lot of working and sweating going on here.

You-are-an-intentionThey say learning a new language revitalizes your brain at any age--well--I've learned internet over the past seven years of Divine Openings. With a site as huge and complex as mine, I couldn't afford to pay someone to know it all, and do it all. Mother Necessity has served me well.

I didn't come here to float on a cloud. I came here to get my hands dirty, and stretch my abilities, in the contrast and resistance of the physical environment.

Love and learning to you, Lola

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