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Does Technology Make Us Dumber?

Behavioral scientists say yes, technology is making us dumber.

Before you tune this out: I love technology. It keeps my mind shart because it requires constant learning. But we need balance.

Technology made Divine Openings available to the entire world, and by giving so much of my teaching via in-depth multimedia online courses and webinars I can help thousands more people all over the planet every day.

But any positive thing taken to extreme becomes a negative. So with technology and media, it is up to us to discern what is nourishing, leave the rest, and make quality time to appreciate the Life Force that hums along peacefully within us.

As a spiritual teacher I can tell you phone, internet, and social media addiction is making people shallower… and less able to focus. Twelve years ago more people wanted depth in a spiritual path. 

Attention spans are getting shorter.

Now they want an app. People who want shallow will go somewhere else - I'm aware of that

People hop from Facebook posts, to a two minute YouTube video, to a 140 character Tweet, to TV where a scene averages 3 seconds, while juggling multiple texts. Kids are losing the ability to make meaningful human connections--instead life is shrunk to the size of a phone screen. If it won’t fit on there, it’s too much.

It's visual fast food... 

If your attention is wandering already, WAKE UP and read on….

In a world of information overload where thousands of messages vie for your attention daily, the inner voice is not as easily heard.

There’s an old proverb that the person who can hold one-pointed focus for five minutes can rule the world. In the conscious mind piece of Divine Openings you can experience the power and practical life rewards of focus firsthand. It doesn’t take a lifetime to get it, but it might take more than five minutes.

Facebook, Twitter, texting, and cell phone worship train your brain to be shallow and frenetic. Any topic longer than three minutes is too long! Divine Openings trains your brain to be more focused, clear, alive, awake, and yes, productive. 


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” 

That was my reaction when someone said they hoped our new website would be short and simple, and when another person asked when we’ll have a Divine Openings app.

That’s like asking NASA, “Build me a Mini Cooper that will fly me to Jupiter.” That’s like asking your favorite author, “Please limit your next epic novel to ten pages. My attention span just won’t—oh, look over there—a shiny object!”

Divine Openings is simple.

It’s not complicated.

It’s not work.

It doesn’t take a long time to get to the benefits. 

But Divine Openings is deep and wide.


If social media is waterskiing over the surface—Divine Openings is deep sea diving. Divine Openings isn’t the Cliff Notes—it’s the encyclopedia of lifelong spiritual evolution.

Sure, my assistants post inspirational stuff on Facebook, but I hope no one thinks Facebook is a spiritual path. It’s an appetizer to entice you to the table. Going deep is always the main course.

It’s sad to think people are getting their news and spiritual and personal development on social media. The next time someone asks us to resolve their deep, lifelong issue on Facebook, I swear I’ll scream.

I’m in beautiful Bavaria, in Germany. The five-day silent retreat is about to begin. We are here for depth, for the real thing, not the drive-through version.

We take a blessed tech detox—no phone, Internet, or email. We slow down to the speed of love. We enter the infinite, possibility-filled realm of No-Mind, and make space to intimately experience our Larger, wiser selves.

Things go great in our absence. Lives are transformed at depth. When we get out of our own way for five days, empty space is created and miracles have room to land.

Will you dare to go deep in a shallow world?

Love from Lola



PS from the Divine Openings Team -- If you’re not satisfied with shallow, and sound byte spirituality hasn’t been doing it for you, come home to a whole world of spiritual and personal evolution at www.DivineOpenings.com.


Since it is an enormous website with an in depth, step by step path, and not a five-minute enlightenment app, we invite you to dive into the blissfully delicious deep end. Sign up for a live retreat, or begin with the Level One Online Course and the foundational book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence.


There’s endless depth to explore after that.


Oh, and don’t expect an app.



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