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The Meaning of My Dream? Dream Meanings Simplified

Perhaps you had a dream last night that compelled you to go online and find the meaning. Your arriving here could be the prime meaning, a serendipitous or destined event that could alter the course of your life.

by Lola Jones, author, teacher, creator of Divine Openings

Life has led you to this portal to a new reality that has changed lives in 150 countries. Or perhaps you're a regular friend of Divine Openings, and this topic intrigued you.

So before we explore standard dream meanings, I'll offer a more expanded perspective for those of you who are indeed ready to evolve your personal and spiritual power.dream meanings, what is the meaning of this dream

This unique perspective on dreams can dramatically change the purpose, power, and quality of your dreams and allow them to begin to work for you, rather than you having to work on or interpret them.

For years I've taken for granted that when people do my work, Divine Openings, that much of the "work" they'd have had to do on other spiritual paths now gets done easily in their dreams. So interpretation becomes far less important. Divine Openings causes your dreams to begin working on you, and you can relax and let it be done for you. If the dream was fearful, you can rest easy, knowing the fear is now moving on. If the dream was about an old hurt, you can now rest easy, knowing that hurt is moving on. Sometimes you wake up feeling more free of it--other times the feeling moves over time as life leads you through a physical step by step process of letting go.

Rather than being mysteries to be solved, dreams become productive tools that automatically work for you with Divine Openings.

Once the consciousness has been opened up with Divine Openings, when it is important for to understand the dream, somehow you will. You'll intuitively know the message, even if it can't be put into words. When it's not clear, you'll able to trust that the work is being done for you, and there's nothing to do. It brings a deep peace. My students never ask me the meaning of their dreams--they tell me what it meant!

People often dream I came to them in the night in my light body and helped, healed, or soothed them. The initiations you receive in the book connect you and me in the Non-Physical, and I help you. Again, it's done for you; there's nothing to do or interpret.

Interesting personal note:
My own dreams are quite abstract, other-dimensional, and indecipherable, since much of my work helping people is done in my dream state, in the Non-Physical. So it's become a lovely treat for me to hear my love's dreams in the mornings and talk about them. He has wild, adventurous dreams, some obviously for his own amusement, but others with clear messages and meanings.

This morning he had a message from the dream world for me: to write this article.

More important than the meaning or the symbolism of a dream:

  • Ask yourself, "How did the dream feel? What was the core feeling of it?" By feeling through the dream, you get 90% of the value of it, without intellectual analysis of what it meant. Intellectual analysis alone can cause you to miss the all-important feeling element. Often we're subconsciously avoiding feeling, and the dream is trying to get us to feel--to stop avoiding the feeling it brings it front and center when we're off guard.
  • Relax around the feeling, no matter whatever it is. Embrace it, welcome it, accept it, and let it percolate, wash around in your consciousness, and play out over time. Life is a process and a journey, and looking for pat answers or instant silver bullets can keep you from getting the big rewards.
  • Allow yourself to build your own dream lexicon, just like you have your own system of symbols, signs, and meanings in waking life.
  • Bad dreams or nightmares are conquered by not running, but stopping and facing the evil monster or devil, and saying, "You're not what you appear to be. You're not real. You represent a lost, horrible, rejected aspect of me and I love you. I'm not afraid of you anymore. I love you. You're a dark part of me."
  • Waking time is a dream too; a reality in which we've agreed to operate by certain rules, like physics, aging, birth, and death. Dream time is another reality with less restrictions and rules, and it's no less real in its own way.

Now for those of you who haven't read my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting, and so come to intuitively know what your dreams mean, here are some archetypical dream symbols:

Water - means emotion. Note if it's shallow or deep, clear or murky, still or raging. What creatures are in it? How fast is it moving or is it still? A tsunami is huge emotion moving very fast. A pond is smaller emotion. A river can take you places. Most important, what is your response to it? Flowing with it, pleasure, or breathing underwater tells you you're allowing the changes easily. Fear of it, struggling, resisting, or running away from it says let go to it and let it take you.

Flying - represents freedom and power. Dreams of flying are often giving you a freedom you're not allowing yourself in the waking dream, reminding you of what's possible.

Houses or buildings are metaphors for your consciousness. Size and feeling of the structure indicate your current state of consciousness, or pockets of consciousness, or states you're moving out of. Note the airiness or spaciousness, light or dark. Stuffy cramped spaces are a limiting consciousness you need to allow yourself to expand out of.

Snakes - mean transformation. How do you feel about them in the dream? That's your openness to that transformation.

Fish - are spiritual symbols. What are they like? How do they feel to you? Shows you your response to your spiritual self and it's messages to you.

Horse, car, vehicle - means power. Is your horse/car/train slow, fast, fun, scary, out of control, beautiful, thrilling, crashed, upside down? Tells you what shape your power is in.

Dog - shows how you treat your inner, most vulnerable self. Is it young, old, healthy, happy, playful, injured, sick, lonely, dead? Are you there for yourself like a trusty dog?

Being underground - indicates deep unreachable unconscious areas need attention. Buried in any sense of the word. These are the most difficult to access without help.

Plant life - means growth. Is it robust, green, rich, or dry, arid, parched?

Landscapes - symbolizes your world according to your beliefs. Are they open, vast, thrilling, scary?

Babies - represent new life. Death is the end of a phase of your life.

Again, we don't need a comprehensive list of dream meanings anymore with Divine Openings.
Your inner world and your inner power opens up to you with Divine Openings.
We invite you to experience it for yourself.

It all begins HERE.


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