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Doors to Enlightened Perception, Spiritual Experience without Concepts, Language

Doors to Enlightened Perception, Beyond Language and Concepts

by Lola Jones

Looking for some entertaining reading I picked up a book written in 1954 by Aldous Huxley, who once lived here in Ojai. Many writers, thinkers, and mystics gravitated to the energy in Ojai. I bring my own energy vortex with me wherever I go, so don't seek energy outside myself, but this energy vortex just felt "compatible" to me.

Fascinatingly, Huxley's experiences with the drug mescalin (peyote) gave him some "temporary enlightenment" and bore a remarkable resemblance in some ways to our natural spiritual experiences with Divine Openings, but ours are more loving and connective with other people, and certainly infinitely more sustainable long-term.

He needed drugs to blast him out of his strong intellectual mind, but you don't. Divine Openings is strong enough to do that with a little commitment from you.

Since Huxley was a supreme writer, it'll stimulate your mind and excite your spirit to read The Doors of Perception and you'll enjoy the parallels with your 100% natural spiritual experience with Divine Openings, and disregard the artificial drug parts. As always, take the value, leave the rest behind.

As we do with Divine Openings, Huxley discovers for the first time the limits of ordinary thinking, and of language in particular. Imagine that: a writer who discovers that language is a pale substitute for experience, and finds it can even blind and hobble us.

higher consciousness, doors to perception, aldous huxley, limits of languageSeeking illumination and answers, Huxley had read many Eastern and Western mystics, but it wasn't until his experiments with mescalin that he found what we find with Divine Openings: the miracle of pure, direct experience, and the opening of eyes to something more profound than what we'd been seeing.

I do not recommend drugs, although I tried some of them a few times in my college explorations. (I DID inhale by the way, Bill.) But for me it was clear that drugs were an unsatisfactory substitute, and certainly a crutch, and I've always turned down invitations to do drug-assisted ceremonies because it puts a ceiling on your spiritual development. And watching others, I noticed the effect of a drug is temporary; very few people can carry the expanded consciousness back into ordinary reality or make any productive use of it at all, where, thank goodness, with Divine Openings even the more subtle spiritual experiences are relatively permanent, and do apply profoundly to every part of daily life.

After his temporary enlightenment and liberation experience is over, in the last half of the book he goes back to his world of words and the book got boring! Lots of blah blah blah. I didn't finish it!

How language separates us from experiencing life directly.

What Huxley does best in The Doors to Perception is articulate how language (valuable as it is) and concepts can also be traps that fossilize our realities and petrify our perception. Language and concepts distance us from direct experience of life, to the point where we're experiencing what we expect to experience, and not what "is." When that happens we can no longer perceive the miracle of Life that surrounds us and is in us.

Most of the conditioning we get as we grow up contributes to narrowing our consciousness to following rules of society, taking on pre-existing concepts of reality, and allowing language to replace experience.

How is language an inhibitor to pure experience?

Example: Let yourself get very thirsty. Talk all day about a glass of water. Describe water, read about water, think about water, draw pictures and diagrams of water. Not very quenching.

Now after waiting a day, have a glass of water. The experience of water is quenching, and makes the words, concepts, and descriptions of water incredibly irellevant. The experience of water is miraculous.

Example 2: Think about our Divine Openings Diving In process, where we stay OUT of the story (language and concepts) and IN the experience (the feeling itself.) Oh, the magic it works to stay in our experience and out of the story, and it delights me to get this additional insight from Aldous Huxley on why Diving In works. (You see, I just channel the methods, but I stay out of my head as much as possible about why they work. It's always fun as the hows and whys unfold to me later.)

Example 3: I got a new clarity on why the 5 Day Silent Retreat is so powerful, although I've led twenty six of them and they've always worked. Yes, it's grace, but for grace to work, we have to get US and our MINDS out of the way! In the retreat we remove the barrier and distraction of language and concepts and I lead people to spend five days in PURE EXPERIENCE. The participants have no idea how much their stories and concepts about their life had fossilized them... until I remove all of that for just five days. And lives transform for no apparent reason--no "work" was done. All they did was get completely out of the way.

The mind clings to the safety and false security of language, but grace takes us beyond those limits, to pure experience.

Some people break out of the prison of their past concepts (and the language that mortars the bricks of it into solid walls) just from reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, but some people need the retreat to make the total break to liberation.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Ask yourself these Efective Questions
How can I use language where it serves me, but not let it rule or limit my reality?

How can I have more direct experience of life rather than living it through dead concepts?

How can I directly experience life rather than talk about it?

How can I directly sense things without using the concepts and word descriptions that have already been invented for them?

ACTIVITY: Go for as long as you can during your day with no words or concepts. Experience each thing you encounter as if you've never seen it before. Notice how miraculous everything is.

Enjoy the miracle of living.


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