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Don't fight the ego, and why give any reality to imaginary things?

I was checking for concert dates and saw this fabulous quote on Deva Premal and Miten's website. You must get their music and go hear them sing live.

Their teacher Osho felt the same way I do about the ego. I never use the terms ego, darkness, or evil, because I don't want to give those imaginary things any reality.

Osho said, "Don't fight with the ego, otherwise the ego will eat you! The very fight will destroy you. Fighting with anything non-existent is the most dangerous thing in the world. It is like fighting with darkness; if you start fighting with darkness, wrestling, even if you are a Mohammed Ali you are not going to win. Soon you will be tired, exhausted, and you will fall flat on the ground, thinking that darkness seems to be very powerful. Darkness is not powerful, darkness is not weak, because darkness does not exist at all. All that you need is just a small candle and the darkness will be gone. I call that small candle meditation, and out of that small light thousands of flowers blossom within your heart: love blossoms, freedom blossoms, truth blossoms, godliness blossoms.... There is no end to it -- it is an eternal garden. Flowers and flowers... your whole being becomes fragrant."


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No matter how factually true" it is, when you focus on what's wrong rather than on what you want, you create more that's wrong. It shows up in odd ways... focus on the tragedy of the oil spill, and maybe your car leaks oil or you get grease on your shirt."
Lola Jones