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Does It Matter What I Eat Or Whether I Exercise? (More detail than newsletter)

Theoretically, we can balance our physical bodies with vibration alone, but frankly, most of us are just not at that level yet. Most of us, including me, still need to eat healthy food and do things to stay physically fit to enjoy life to the maximum.

I find the bliss increases when energy is flowing through a limber, well-nourished, clean-feeling body.

Now, I'm no austere, fanatical health nut. But I do try to eat live, raw, fresh organic foods when I can, drink pure water, and skip the sugar, alcohol, and coffee most of the time. I eat natural meats without hormones or antibiotics. I avoid plastics, as it leaches chemicals into water and food, especially if it gets warm. I don't get vaccinations for myself or my animals (there's mercury in most vaccines, and mercury is poisonous.)

I use whole-food nutrient supplements.

It all pays off.

But if I do eat chocolate, or have a drink or a cup of coffee occcasionally, I relish the experience. I enjoy it. I don't make it wrong. That would do more damage than the substance itself.

One day we'll get to the stage where we can eat or do anything we want and still be healthy. But I'm not there yet! I've even experimented with it to "test where I was." I went back to healthy eating and exercise.

Some teachers are saying it doesn't matter what you eat, but are fat and getting fatter! In those cases, believe your eyes, not your ears.

One interesting note: I've noticed a correlation: people who are overweight or even "physically dense" are more likely to have difficulty flowing their emotional energy fully (which will inhibit spiritual development) than people who are normal weight or "lighter of body." There is no such thing as a hard and fast rule, and this is not always the case, but when it is, it means spiritual progress and manifesting ability can be slowed. "Lightness" increases on many levels when the body lightens up!

The good news is that Divine Openings does help with the spiritual lightening up for almost everyone, even those with the "density challenge".... if they will stick to it even when the small self is urging them to bail out.

Divine Openings has helped with the physical lightening up for many. Once client wrote me just today saying that as she let go of some old patterns, she automatically began to lose weight. Her body stopped wanting the old foods, and the awakening innate Divine Intelligence in her started guiding her choices instead.

I actually hear this a lot. And guess what, it mostly happens when they are struggling with their weight. It just comes as they get happy and connected. Fat is usually a sign that the body's systems are not functioning optimally.

In the new Level 2 Online Self-Paced Course, we go into depth about restoring yourself to physical wellbeing, and the Divine Openings in Level 2 have very powerful "healing" and wellbeing attunements.

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