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Do I Need A Spiritual Mentor?

We rely on all kinds of experts in our lives.  I find it a great relief and a blessing to be able to ask for guidance in areas I haven't mastered fully. In one lifetime I can't even study everything, much less master everything. For many years I had spiritual teachers because it's always nice to have someone who is ahead of you to keep you growing.

When I wanted to learn to sing I took singing lessons and zoomed so much faster than I would have on my own. Many professional singers and actors still take lessons to stay fresh and growing. Pro athletes have coaches to push and stimulate and inspire them.

I still call on mentors and guides in other areas of life that I haven't mastered, or never will have time to master. I've learned a lot more than most people ever will about my website, but I'll never be a web developer - that's just more than I'll have time and passion for. I love having website experts and tech support people to guide me and even do it for me.

If my neck is out I get a chiropractic adjustment. At tax time, thank God for my wonderful accountant! Because she still can't know everything about every country's taxes, I have a separate person for guidance on paying our German VAT.  

They're all specialists in what they do, and I appreciate rely on that - I'd never keep up without them! There are experts in every field who've put in the time and passion to be the best, right there for me! I'm that person in the spiritual field. I've "been there and done that" and can spare people from many detours and dead ends. I know what works, and what doesn't  in personal and spiritual development.

As a spiritual teacher and mentor I'm a specialist in bringing in new energies, new methods, and new ways to go deeper into our own spiritual power. Raw new energies from the Non-Physical realm don't come in words. They come in streams of energy. I absorb and integrate them, then translate them into language and methods you can use in your life.

I "bring those new energies down to earth" and put them in a practical form you can use. The energies keep expanding, and to stay in the flow of the Universe, we must keep expanding ourselves too. Plus it just keeps us feeling more vital and alive to keep growing.

Now my Large Self is my teacher,  out ahead of me, showing me the way, and calling me forward all the time. And now rapid spiritual evolution is my job, my calling - that keeps me growing without the need for a teacher.  My teacher is inside. And you my dear students keep drawing new energies forth from me. 

Some of you will get to that place of complete inner focus, but some of you will always prefer to have a spiritual mentor - just because you enjoy it. You like having someone to call you forward, and show you what's possible. Someone to cheer you on, and give you a boost when life brings unique challenges. You can't do it wrong. Just keep growing.

This website (which many of our regulars affectionately call The Mother Ship) lets me Mentor thousands of people.

Some prefer to have a more personal relationship, and they take the Mentoring Program with me. It's a year of rapid growth, and you just keep growing from there!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You're in the right place. Many people end up feeling at home on this website.

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