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Sample the Newest Energies: Diving In, Playing with Energy

Raise a Vibration, Reclaim Energy, Generate Possibility

Das deutsch/englische Video ist unten.

Tears flowed and big energy moved in this Diving In Webinar. Almost everyone raised the vibration, achieved a still mind, and felt great afterward.

Well, feel it for yourself! Set aside 35 powerful, impactful minutes to go deep, and fly high. We all need that in these times. With these new energies, every single meditation is fresh and unique. This one is extraordinarily powerful.

It happened today in the second meeting of the Diving In Webinar series. These folks had the benefit of softening in the first meeting, and moving ancestral and collective energies that were not theirs. They'll have yet another deepening in the third meeting.

Enjoy this breakthrough preview, and raise a vibration!

The English/German video and audio is below. The whole webinar series, including the audios, is on a special page for the Diving In Webinar participants, and is also in Portal 5. (Portal 5 now gets most of the newest leading-edge videos and audios.)

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English/German - Englisch/Deutsch

This longer English/German video is so beautiful, and even  more powerful, because the translator was so emotionally honest towards the end. It helped everyone feel safe to open up. Thank you dear Bettina, it was wonderful!

Mit deepl übersetzen: Dieses englisch/deutsche Video ist deshalb so schön, weil der Übersetzer gegen Ende emotional so ehrlich war. Es hat allen geholfen, sich zu öffnen. Danke Bettina, es war wunderbar!

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The best times of your entire life are just ahead: Your Journey Begins

Here's an older audio (just stream it) that inspired this article:
Lola Jones Audio - Cutting Thru the Spiritual Crap


Lola Jones Things are going Great

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Way out beyond Law of Attraction, eveyone ended it feeling fantastic.
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It includes the super-popular Breathe Compassion Meditation too!

Fresh Start Creation Meditation, Breathe Compassion In & Out, English only.

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