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A Divine Openings Prayer

This came to me as I was sitting outside tonight. I thought I'd share it with you.

Prayer in the traditional sense is often about giving thanks and asking for things. As you become more aware of yourself as God in physical form, it begins to feel more like adoration of The Divine within you than giving thanks to some outer God. And as you realize that everything is always being offered to you, it becomes more about getting out of the way than asking for things.


"Dear Limitless Large Self,

First let me say how much I adore you. I feel you in every cell in my body. I dance it and sing it and laugh it to the high Heavens! I see you in everyone and everything. I hear you in the wind, and laugh, remembering suddenly that I am you.

I adore you and I adore celebrating it, and multiplying this feeling. I adore adoring you. No one in this world is so close to my heart. You are my heart. I appreciate knowing that you are me on this grand adventure on Earth.

I know that you already know everything I want and need, so I don't need to tell you again! I know that it is on the way or even already here, and that my job is to get out of the way, or get quiet enough to hear the clues that lead me to it, or open my eyes to its presence. I know that it's my job to let go of expectations so I don't miss some wonderful surprise that is not what I expected.

So my only request of you, my Beloved Expanded Self, is to help me be expanded and happy first and always, so that I am receptive to all the Grace and blessings that are being showered on me every minute. Release me from my small self's limited ideas.

Help me release resistance to letting in every blessing. Help me hold nothing back from you. Help me be as Large as I can be today. Help me see everything as an opportunity for generating pure joy and love.

I turn my every care over to you, and thank you for taking it from me, and handling it with ease. I will do my work with joy and ease, letting you do the heavy lifting. As I work I will listen carefully for your guidance, so that my way is cleared. I will spend more of my time playing, enjoying, and creating, knowing that all is taken care of.

I accept all of your gifts!

I let in all of your Grace!

I savor each opportunity to love!

I feel your adoration of me, and return it to you again and again."

True Everlasting Love,

Your Beloved

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