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Divine Openings is Helping Prisoners

People are sending the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, to prisoners. They order it and put the prisoner's address as the mailing address and it goes directly to them. And apparently the art is being seen by prisoners too.....

Divine Openings Giver Liz Bloomberg sent me this:

"Dear Lola, My daughter had a friend in prison. I told her to send him the Goldfish picture that I had purchased from your Spirit Card collection. He looked at it daily.He was in prison for a year. One day he decided to call the phone number on the back of your card. When someone calls from prison it takes you through a process of accepting the call. Well you answered. He was so shocked that he hung up. He felt so awed that someone that he didn't know would answer. I am sure he received a Divine Opening in that short moment. He is out of prison now and has had me give him two more Divine Openings. He has gone from holding his head down in shame to lifting it up and smiling. I want you to know how powerful your drawings are and I encourage others to send them to inmates......the Divine will change their world. Thank you." Liz Bloomberg, Whitehall, Michigan

Prisoners really need a way to get their vibration up, so thanks to all of you who are helping them do just that!



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