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Divine Guidance Meets John Deere

Another day of silence today. Oh, yes, lots of time was spent “not-doing”. But after that I was inspired, enthusiastic, actually, to tackle a big challenge. Friday I accidentally ran over some fine gauge plastic coated wire in the tall grass with my John Deere mower, and the blades jammed up and stopped.

Now, riding my John Deere is one of my favorite meditations... This was serious.

There was great satisfaction in making a ramp so I could get up under the tractor and assess the situation.

It was not pretty. All three blades were completely locked in a spaghetti tangle of wire, and the wire had wedged itself down into the hubs, out of reach. This was going to be tougher than I thought.

But something in me was elated about the task. Of course our Large Selves are always elated, and it’s extra easy to be my Large Self on these days of silence.

Michael saw me flat on my back in the driveway clipping away at layers of wire, and offered to help. Silently and steadily we worked.

Each time I’d get tired or frustrated, I’d stop “doing,” and let go. Lying on my back, by now covered in dirt and grass, looking at the blue sky and the blooming fuschia crepe myrtles, a mockingbird singing above me, I’d relax, let go, feel the Divine Presence, and wait for inspiration.

When I felt really good I’d go back to it again refreshed and clear. Each time I’d know just which wire to pull first, and which way to unwind it. When it started being too hard, break time!

Ah, if I just did that all the time.

This went on for about two hours, and when it was done there was a pile of about 100 feet of wire pieces. It couldn’t be any more satisfying to climb Everest.

To me, the spiritual experience goes on all day, every day. Being a conduit for Grace for a client, writing this weekly inspiration for you, fixing a mower, washing clothes... it’s all good when I’m tapped in.

It felt so good when that was done. Then it was back to non-doing. I’m always more willing to do playful, unusual things on the day of silence. I sat out in the rain on the back deck holding the new baby ducks, watching lightning strike very close by, feeling grimy, but fully alive.

Take the time to go within, relax, and enjoy as you go about your week!

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Enjoy, and we appreciate you. I also want to express appreciation for my new assistant, Crystal Nuding, and for Lee Northcutt, who did such a great job on the website.


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