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Had to rave about Gabriele and Donna.

Divine Openings friend Donna spontaneously started making art some time ago and has sold her paintings and prints as well as tremendously enjoying the self expression of it. Now she's getting ready for a series of gallery shows.

Latent gifts and talents emerge as spiritual enlightenment opens us, and these two are such great examples. Actually, we've had many people begin discovering new talents they never suspected they had.


The last thing Gabriele of Germany expected was to make art. She's already a mom of three, wife to David, and once was the coordinator of our fast growing Divine Openings™ community in Germany, and still found time to play with her family and friends.

It's food for the soul to do art and music. It's not always about fame and fortune.

One of Gaby's students (who attended the last 5 Day Retreat in Germany) put on a brilliant workshop called Divine Openings and Art.

Gaby signed up, and told her, "I'm just here to have fun.
I don't expect to take home a finished piece of art."

The lit up art teacher said, "Oh, yes you will!"

First they did non-habitual movement as the painted to loosen up and lose inhibitions.

Then they were guided to let it flow.

Sure enough, Gaby's very first art work is gorgeous and
filled with Divine energy.

Gaby called it her Unruly Angel of Joy!


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