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Blow Out Lower Vibrations with Non-Habitual Movement

by Lola Jones

Your vibration will soar higher right now. Non-habitual movement is FUN and it works for those already soaring high, and for those who are vibrating low in some areas. It even works when you can't meditate because your mind won't be quiet.

After Divine Openings, for most of you, it has become easy to sit with an emotion, keep breathing as you feel the feeling, and just be with it while the vibration rises and starts to shift effortlessly upward on the Instrument Panel.

And what a precious gift that is. (For a detailed description of how to move low emotions and raise your vibration, read Lola Jones's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence -- it's one of the Key elements in your enlightenment journey.)

But sometimes are more challenging, because that monkey mind keeps babbling its old stories, or it's hard to drop the story, or you can't get out of your head, or can't soften those stubborn thoughts -- so the energy doesn't move up.

Well good news: Let me remind you of a really fun way to move energy. It's fun and invigorating. It gets you out of your head (out of the story) and into your body and feelings every single time:

If you've been to one of our blissfully intense and life-changing 5 Day Silent Retreats we do this joyful practice every day. You experienced how fun it is -- you've moved your body and shed old, habitual patterns. You got lit up, curious, awake -- just by experiencing and playing in your body in wholly new ways.

It's truly magical and incredibly freeing. Expands your consciousness by releasing tension, freeing energy up. Shakes things up, literally!

If you've done this (many of you do it regularly) remember how energizing it is?
How it blows your pipes wide open on so many levels?
How fresh, clear, and deliciously good you feel afterward?

Well, how about doing it more often?

It's a unique experience every time you do it.

Non-Habitual Movement pulls you out of the story, out of your mind, and into your body.
As you move, the energy comes unstuck and rises in vibration.
It moves, shifts and expands upward naturally.


Watch Lola's video, the Blissout Workout! 

And you could watch this remarkable video to FEEL how movement can activate energy flow without therapy, processing, or work.

This young freestyle dancer does some of the most amazing non-habitual movements we have ever seen -- completely mesmerizes us by how open he is to allowing any vibration to move freely through his body.

He plays with it, moves it, dances it, raises it.

He doesn't judge or analyze it for us. It's about simply being with it without words, and going with the flow of the emotions. So much like Divine Openings.

There's not a dry eye in the house; even the tough guys are melted.

But we don't want to rely on anyone, not even a healer, to do this for us.
We can simply do this ourselves, especially with Divine Openings' "extra boost of Grace."
Below, I'll tell you how.

It is easier to pull it off after you've had the ten enlightenment initiations in the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

His movement is shockingly non-habitual, and that's what knocks us out of our "stuck places." Even the music he chose threw the viewers right out of their old set of expectations and patterns. This Evanescence song embraces classical, rock, and still is totally unique, as well as deeply emotional. 

There is nothing we can't move through!
There is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.
There is just a vibration that wants to move. That's all.
This is familiar to you Divine Openings regulars.

Give it your own style. Not this dancer's or anybody else's. Heck, it doesn't even need a style!

Your freedom will be infectious to those around you. You won't need to do it for them, the same as you won't need anybody to do it for you. But you could do it together with friends if you want extra fun.

Here's how to do Non-Habitual Movement:

  1. Put on music that moves you. Start with low vibration songs and transition to higher and higher vibe songs as you go up the Instrument Panel -- the vibration of the music choice is super important.
  2. Be an actor. Physically act out the vibration you want to move.
  3. Move in ways that your body never moved before, like a crazy, goofy person. Some call it Crazy Dancing.
  4. Make noise and breathe deeply. 
  5. After moving for twenty minutes to an hour, lie down on your back on the floor and go deep. Appreciate the contrast between sound/movement and stillness/quiet.

Now, rock it! 

Love and flow, 
Lola Jones

PS --  Lola's original music, Watch Where You Point That Thing is great for non-habitual music AND it has the Grace energy in it!

Our Kundalini and Pleasure Practices course has many ways to move, and a fabulous video that SHOWS you how we do Non-Habitual Movement Divine Openings-style! Learn about the course here.   

PPS --  There are 5 Day Retreats registering right now in California and Europe.

PPPS --  For advanced students only! Yummy Effective Questions (from the Portal 2 Online Course) came to mind:

  • What if free-flowing movement was normal for you?
  • What if experiencing ALL emotions and letting them move easily was your new normal?
  • What would happen if your company, your team, was in free flow?
  • How would fears, anger, fights, and grudges disappear if the world knew how to move and flow this way?
  • If it already is part of your new normal? Well congratulations, go live and have fun!

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