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Spiritual teacher Lola JonesHello Dear Ones,

Guidance whispered in my ear today.

I'm packing for Europe to lead the 5 Day Silent retreat and several other events there, and I was magnetized to my desk by this nudge: "Your serious students know why you don't mention disasters, but this is a teaching opportunity for the newer ones who haven't gotten actively into Divine Openings and do not understand why..."

Here's why I do not talk about disasters:

  1. For me and for many of you long-time Divine Openings students disasters are an opportunity to radiate equanimity instead of adding to the ocean of fear, anger, sadness, or powerlessness. They're an opportunity to intend changes rather than using energy to resist what is. 

What you focus upon, you create more of. You give energy to it.

Equanimity is one of the three hallmarks of enlightenment that puts you blessedly "at peace with what is," whether in your own life, or in the world. 

From there you can make a huge difference for those who ask for it, and let it in. 

But you and I cannot choose everyone else's reality for them--we can choose ours. 

If we choose high vibration, we radiate it by being it, and we are a force for change. If we followed the crowd and the media we'd often merely add more suffering.

Telling you "there is no death" doesn't help you if it's just a nice, spiritual, mental concept for you, but when it's become a deep knowing for you, it brings a peace that passes understanding.I've actually had a near death experience and was sitting there musing, "Hmmm, stay or go, doesn't matter." 

Equanimity and enlightenment come from a series of experiences, not from reading words or talking about it.

Grace takes you there with Divine Openings. 

2. I send contributions, and I exercise my political voice, but I try not to go down the Instrument Panel to anger, sadness, or even sympathy. 

Compassion is high on the Instrument Panel--sympathy and grief are very low vibrations. Feel that distinction for a moment. 
Which feels more powerful? 
Which is your Large Self?

Our energy is more powerful and effective up here in peace, compassion, love, bliss, and higher. You can have deep compassion but waste none of your energy suffering. 

3. Focus and attention are so very powerful--they create realities. The media primarily focuses on gripping, sensational, things guaranteed to rivet your attention. It's good that they inform us, but you have to know when to shift your powerful attention, because they will not do it for you. 

There have always been and always will be disasters, and politics brings its share of them! We adventurous humans came here knowing we could not only handle it but expand from it. Yes, people do suffer, but don't add your suffering to it. 

If you've experienced  Level 2 or above of Divine Openings you'll be able to do what I'm about to suggest. If you've not, and you can't do this, begin your journey to equanimity with an online coursethe book, or a retreat.  The world needs you up here, not down there:

  • When you see bad news, expand into your Large Self and RAISE your vibration. Radiate that.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by what you see, witness yourself first from your Large Self, and handle your OWN FEELINGS first. The Diving In process will move your own energy, but it will not move energy for thousands of people! Remind yourself not to take on other people's energy--you are a leader who offers a higher vibration for others to attune to. After you Dive In for yourself, give to The Presence all feelings that are not yours. Those are too big for you. Raise your vibration back up to peace, love, or above.

  • Once your vibration is high, follow any guidance you get to take action. Contribute, march, lead, or speak out to feel empowered.

  • Talking about how bad it is with no action simply spins the story and gives it energy that has no place to go.

  • After taking action, shift your focus inward to your Large Self perspective that is always peaceful.


Love, Grace, and Ease,

Lola Jones 
and all of us at Divine Openings

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