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Devotion To Awakeness

Just for fun, before you read the article, here are some pictures of our new home/retreat. I'm still stunned at the beauty here, and raving daily about it. It's more spectacular a location than I ever imagined finding and getting to live in:

A rainbow off the back deck. I see big red tail hawks fly by daily. One just flew by as I'm writing. We're at "hawk's eye level." Nature abounds, so I feel at home here.

The horse corral.

The front yard.

The living room wall in our glass house.

Now that we're settled in enough to get back to work, I had thought the title of my new book (in progress) on the power of intention would be Stop Pushing Rocks Up Hills, but now I'm leaning more toward Watch Where You Point That Thing, the same name as my music CD.

They're both perfect titles, so, geez, what a problem, and abundance of riches.

As I'm writing that new book (one of the three new books,) the events of my cross country move this past month are illustrating the difference between how things go when we're vibrating in a good way, in the flow, and when we lose focus and get caught up on the details and the difficulties. I'm normally very focused, in a relaxed easy way, most of the time. I don't mean focused in a single-minded way, I mean focused on the big picture of what is real and what is illusion.

Of course we're human, so we're not perfect in our focus, and fortunately we don't have to be. A little loss of focus won't completely derail you. I usually feel it and quickly make a course correction when my vibration gets only a bit off, because I'm so finely attuned to my Instrument Panel.

But life was quite distracting for a while there, as many, many things that must get done overrode my usual habit of staying in the stillness at the eye of the hurricane. So I got whipped out into the swirling chaos of it all a few times. It's all relative, so my experience wasn't bad, it was just less wonderful than usual. After you get used to flying up high on the Altimeter, even a small drop in altitude feels really bad, and it's supposed to feel bad, so you'll want to get back up there.

Of course I'm the creator of it all, but when we lose focus, we lose sight of that, and it can feel like it's happening "to us." It's all part of the game of life--in our case, the game of staying conscious and awake.

Winning that game wins you a great life. And it's a game that never ends. There's never a day when you can get lazy and stop choosing where to focus. I can't afford to get sloppy any more than you can. Free will means daily choices to stay awake and choose where to focus.

You could call it Devotion To Awakeness--the strong commitment to stay in your power.

It means choosing to stay focused on:

  • Your inner reality, your Larger reality, rather than consensus default reality.
  • How your Large Self sees it. (Just closing your eyes, breathing, and asking inside, "How does my Large Self feel about this?" can completely shift your energy.)
  • What you wish to create or experience, not whatever temporary thing happens to be happening, or what life is distracting you with, or throwing at you.
  • The stillness within, where all is always well.
  • Watching where you point that thing (your mind.)

You must be committed to yourself. You must want a great life and be devoted to it. I don't mean work at it, I mean intend to stay awake rather than go back to sleep or get sloppy in your thinking and choices. Failing to choose is also a choice.

Yes, due to your ability to make Free Will choices, it is possible to lose your enlightenment, just as it is possible to go to sleep at the wheel and run off the road.

Stay awake. It's as simple as that. The more you stay awake, the better your life will be. It can be tempting to get sloppy and say, "Well, I can complain about my boss, or this awful customer service, because that's not my fault," or "My spouse is the problem," or "The economy is bad, so that's why my finances are bad," but it costs you. It's just not worth it. The price is too high and the rewards of that--that you get the be the good victim--are just too puny.

Stay awake. Catch yourself, and refocus. What do you want? How would you like it to be? How can you reclaim your power? How quickly can you get yourself to say, "I created that." You'll feel better instantly.


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