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Obama's Definition of Divine Grace, this is beyond politics...

This definition of divine grace matches my own, and I've never heard anyone say it more beautifully, or from a more open heart and mind. He experiences pain while keeping his vibration high.

The whole world is buzzing about President Obama singing Amazing Grace at Reverend Pinkney's funeral at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. His stirring and masterful eulogy/sermon had the audience laughing, crying, feeling, and thinking in new ways. His reframing of the terrorist massacre by the young, hate-filled Dylan Roof will give you goose bumps--it was the work of an enlightened master. Feel the love and divine grace in that church, and dive into how Obama turned this tragic event into a transformational opportunity for the entire world, opening hearts as he closed and soothed wounds.

He reminds us we must tap into that grace, receive it, and find the grace and goodness even inside of horrible events. Oh my God, I laughed, I cried, I jumped up and down.

Obama is now taking off all the stops, and free of the needs to temper what he says for political reasons he can now be the man and the president he wants to be. He's freer, happier, and more relaxed (resistance-free) in every news clip I see now. It's thrilling and heart-expanding to see what is possible for a world leader when he's free to focus on truly being a public servant.

In case you only have a couple of minutes, here's a short video of Obama singing the song:
(He sings it at the end of the full length video down below too.)

Here's the entire eulogy/sermon, a stirring political possibility speech, with the song at the end.
It's well worth your time to watch the entire thing:

I've watched the part from the fifteen minute mark to the twenty-five minute mark several times: the definition of grace, his reframing of the way God uses people and events in ways we might not recognize, and his week-long pondering of what grace means.

I'm not at all a political person. I refuse to give power to politics and its affect on my life, but I do recognize and appreciate enlightened people who truly do want to serve the public in a big way. I focus on them and imagine more of them coming. They have a big job, it's not an easy job, and I applaud them.

I've never been much of a church-goer or a group-attender, but churches like the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina serve their communities, they live what they preach. They're bastions of comfort, safety, and love, as well as organizers of peaceful, enlightened political action. They help and support each other. This remarkable church that has been an example of grace in action since its roots were first established in 1787.

The families who lost loved ones forgave Dylann publicly, in court, once again, sharing the grace they themselves have received--living their own definition of grace: love and blessings freely given, not earned.


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