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Dances With Horses

Hi folks,
Michael and I just had a touching experience that will bring you a great blessing too. You may know that in January my fiery little steed Royal bucked, tossed his head back, and broke my nose. I didn’t ride for awhile! But what was worse was that Royal and I were a little alienated from each other. If you know horses at all, you know that their eyes reveal how soft and affectionate they’re feeling. They reveal pain or fear. They’re very expressive. His eyes were not soft and open. They looked distant.

Our everyday relationships are indicative of how open our human hearts are. We think that an estranged relationship has no effect on us, but it does. We don’t always know how much it was affecting us until it opens up again.

It opened up again! My horse-whisperer friend, Penny Stone, and I are sharing our gifts with each other. She works with us and the horses using something called T-Touch, and I give her Divine Openings. Right away, she found that Royal’s back was really sore.... that was why he bucked and tossed his head.

As we did gentle T-Touch bodywork on Royal ..... Michael, the other horse Tava, and I began to relax and soften. We all laughed, seeing the tangible evidence of our interconnectedness. After a half hour of this, I was in tears hugging Penny. Royal was once again affectionate and soft. He was following me around as if to say, “Give me more of that! That feels good!”

Now when I go out to the pasture, they both come up to me and nudge for T-Touch. I’m a happy horse magnet again. (This works on your dogs and cats too. Write me for info and we can get a course together with Penny.)

What does this mean for you? Sometimes people do things because they are in pain. And then we close our hearts to them, often unconsciously. I didn’t mean to ..... you’d think I’d know better.... lol....

I had already learned some other things from that incident, but there was more there.... Royal’s side of the story. I don’t analyze anymore. It all comes naturally in time with Divine Openings. This time it brought me Penny and T-Touch to help all of us.
So Penny and I are FINALLY going to do what we’ve been dreaming about for at least ten years. We are going to incorporate some lovely hands-on work with horses into certain of the Divine Openings courses.

The first time I do this will be the August 4th One Day Intensive. It will be a regular Divine Openings Intensive, but for one hour of the day, we will play with the horses and commune with them.... and in the process, become more one with The Divine.

It’s not about horses per se.... the horses are there to HELP YOU! No previous horse experience is necessary. No riding. Just touch and communion, while making you and the horse feel really, really good. You’ll all be jello afterward.

Next one Sept. 22, 2007.

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